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Famous people who live in charleston

every day, the city of charleston, south carolina enchants visitors with its rich history, impressive architecture, and vibrant culture. celebrities are no exception when it comes to feeling a magnetic pull towards the beauty of the lowcountry! Many stars own luxury vacation homes along the beach and have made Charleston their secluded vacation getaway. From watching the cast of Outer Banks filming episodes on the water to watching Reese Witherspoon shop on King Street, there’s never a dull time exploring Charleston. Here are some notable stars you might be lucky enough to see walking the cobblestone streets in the South Carolina heat.

the cast of netflix outer banks

In 2020, netlfix released an overnight hit teen drama titled: outer banks. Although the series is set in suburban North Carolina, seasons of the show were filmed right here in the lowlands. Many Charleston natives can recognize the filming locations while watching the show, and some are even lucky enough to see the filming in person.

The cast and crew have traveled the entire peninsula capturing the picturesque scenes you see on the show. Some notable filming locations include Shem Creek at Mount Pleasure, Lowndes Grove, Washington Square Park, and Charleston Gaillard Center.

murray ticket

bill murray is possibly one of the most well-liked and visible celebrities to be seen in the charleston area. Although Bill Murray was born in Illinois, she now calls the Holy City her home. a well known comedian and actor, you can see him in iconic works like; ghostbusters, saturday night live, space jam and caddyshack.

where to find it:

charleston’s local baseball team, the riverdogs, play ball at joseph p. Riley Jr. park where bill murray is co-owner and namesake, “amusement director”. bill spends his free time at the stadium cheering on the river dogs and entertaining the crowd. He also co-owns a small Charleston cafe called Harold’s Cabin and Rutledge Cab Co., another staple restaurant near the Citadel campus. Bill Murray has a house on Sullivan’s Island and it is said that he spends most of his time on the beach.

darius rucker

after bill murray, darius rucker is probably the next most watched celebrity in town. Darius Rucker is known for his involvement with the band, Hootie and the Blowfish, and his solo career in country music. his smooth voice and his popular songs are guaranteed to be played on any local country station in the lowcountry. darius rucker has been the recipient of many prestigious music awards including a grammy, a country music award, and is a billboard award nominee.

where to find it:

darius has been seen several times eating at local favorites like fig, page’s okra grill, or listening to music on the island of palms beach in the windjammer.

stephen colbert

stephen colbert is a comedian, actor, television host, and writer. Stephen is best known for his television programs The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and The Late Show on CBS. His satirical improvisation on politics is what made The Colbert Report one of Comedy Central’s highest-rated shows and exploded into success by winning Peabody Awards, Grammy Awards, Emmys, one of GQ’s “Men of the Year.” and even got a key to the city of columbia, south carolina.

where to find it:

Due to his extremely busy schedule, Colbert is rarely found in Charleston these days. However, he is not ashamed of his past, recalling a memory of a bed and breakfast with his mother in the South Broad Area when he was a child. When he’s in Charleston, he eats at some of Charleston’s big-name restaurants, like Husk on Queen Street. Stephen Colbert owns a house on Sullivan’s Island and spends his free time swimming in the ocean.

reese witherspoon

unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 20 years, you hear the name “reese witherspoon” and immediately think legally blonde. reese witherspoon’s acting credibility goes beyond harvard. She has starred in blockbusters such as Walk the Line, Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere and Wild. Reese Witherspoon has taken on a long list of creative outlets, including launching her production company Hello Sunshine and opening multiple retail stores with her fashion line; draper james. reese was born and raised in the south and considers charleston one of her all-time favorite southern cities. Some of her favorite things about the holy city are the rich history, unique shopping, and most of all, the food! (particularly the charleston staple: shrimp and grits!)

where to find it:

reese witherspoon can be seen shopping on king street, eating local cuisine at a local restaurant, or visiting the infamous spoleto festival downtown. She owns a beach house on Sullivan’s Island and can be seen there as well.

danny mcbride

Danny McBride moved from Los Angeles to the Holy City after local Bill Murray convinced him to shoot assistant principals here. Danny and his crew fell head over heels in love with the lowcountry. after 20 years living on the west coast of los angeles, he was ready for a change and moved here with his wife and his young children. Since then, Danny McBride has opened a production facility in Charleston, where he films the HBO series, The Fair Gemstones. Danny McBride grew up in Georgia and attended the North Carolina School of the Arts.

where to find it:

danny mcbride has been seen making the most of what charleston has to offer. Whether it’s bowling with his fellow actor, John Goodman, in the alley or eating with Kanye West at Tu Asian Restaurant, it’s clear that Danny McBride is enjoying her new home. Since filming for Fair Gemstones began, she has been seen filming in many locations around Charleston. From Whirlin Waters Adventure Park in North Charleston to Fenwick Hall Plantation House in Mount Pleasure, Danny McBride has made Charleston a place where he can work and play.

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