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Famous people who live in michigan

Living in the southeastern part of Michigan can be quite exciting as not only do you get to live amongst some of the historical landmarks and museums, but you also get to witness some of your favorite celebrities. Michigan is known for the upbringing of many famous stars. you usually see them in blockbuster movies and TV shows. you may find a few here and there if you’re lucky. Here are some famous celebrities you can find in Southern Michigan.

celebrities you can find in michigan


1. terry crews

if you are a lover of brooklyn nine-nine, then you have to fall in love with michigan. The famous Terry Crews, who plays the title role in the television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was born and raised in Flint, one of the largest cities in Michigan. he no longer lives there, but makes regular visits to his beautiful hometown. he recently came to film his travel documentary in michigan to show his childhood in the documentary. You never know what else he may plan to shoot in Michigan.

2. christian bell

Kristen Bell grew up in Huntington Woods, attending school at Shrine Catholic, Royal Oak. You may very well recognize her voice from Disney’s Frozen and Hollywood comedies, like Bad Moms and Forget Sarah Marshall. You may find her in Huntington Woods, as the actress mentioned that she has a very special place for Huntington Woods in her heart. in fact, this was the place where her parents got married. Just like her, celebrities often visit places with sentimental meanings, and you never know when you might have a great moment of admiration in Huntington Woods.

3. pablo feig

if you are from the generation of sabrina, the teenage witch, surely you will want to move to royal oak, since paul feig is one of the main actors of this famous television series born in the vicinity of royal oak in 1962. paul Feig is also known for directing some of the highest-grossing comedy films such as Bridesmaids and the popular television show The Office. next thing you know he could direct a movie in royal oak, his home town, and give you a glimpse of himself.

4. keegan michael key

another celebrity you may see in your neighborhood in southfield is the famous keegan michael key, who grew up in southfield and did his early education at shrine catholic high school, royal oak. Those of you who don’t know, Keegan Michael has lent his voice to some of Hollywood’s most famous TV shows and movies like Toy Story 4, College Buddies and Keanu.

keegan’s heart also occupies an extraordinary place for royal oak. You can always feel the magic of theater at Royal Oak as you see the Plant and Improves Theater, founded by Keegan himself. this is an excellent platform to showcase or develop your comedic instincts in acting and experience different cultural and musical events at the same time.

5. shepherd dax

you can witness the cutest couple in hollywood in michigan: dax shepard and kristen bell. These two lovers grew up in Michigan and eventually found their way together. Dax Shepard was born in Milford, Michigan, which is not far from Market Township. Milford also happens to be one of the safest cities in Michigan. Raising a family in a beautiful home in Michigan may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. kristen bell and dax shepard should be your inspiration for that. raising a family in a neighborhood full of celebrities with some amazing museums will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

6. bruce campbell

The famous Evil Dead and Burn Notice actor, Bruce Campbell, was also born in Royal Oak and is quite famous in Detroit. Seeing celebrities like him is very likely to put a smile on your face, and you can only experience that in a place like Michigan.

7. david sword

David Spade is one of America’s most adored and beloved actors born in Birmingham, Michigan. His comedic qualities developed in the state of Michigan, which brought him quite a bit of success. You may know him for his famous roles in comedies like The Rules of Engagement and blockbuster movies like Grown Ups and Tommy Boy. Surely you can experience some of the fun vibes from him in the Detroit subway, even if he’s not physically there.

8. mary lynn rajskub

famous comedian mary lynn rajskub grew up and was born in detroit. Surely you know her if you have seen the famous TV series 24. She acted as Chloe in this show and she did an extraordinary job. She regularly visits her hometown as she has her stand-up comedy show, which you will surely be able to catch in Metro Detroit if you are lucky enough.

9. david coulier

dave coulier, michigan lover and famous full house actor, was born in st. clear shores, michigan. he grew up here and continues to visit his home, giving the people of metro detroit a taste of his sense of humor. st. clair shores is an amazing place to visit in michigan. st. Clair Shores is just north of Grosse Pointe and our team specializes in both areas in southeastern Michigan. You’ll find plenty of things to do near the coast, and you just might come face-to-face with America’s favorite comedian, Dave Coulier.

10. ken jeong

famous hollywood celebrity ken jeong was also born and raised in detroit. Her famous roles included TV shows and movies like dr. ken and the hangover his comedy and his expressions always make you laugh when you see him on the big screen. knowing that ken jeong lived and grew up in detroit would surely be a huge boost to move there.

getting excited about living in michigan

Meeting these big celebrities can be a bit overwhelming and exciting. however, it is nothing less than a daily pleasure to see one if you plan on owning a home in one of the best locations in southeastern michigan. If you’re looking for a great real estate agency that can help you find the perfect place to live in Michigan, you should contact crown properties international today!

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