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what celebrities live in orlando florida

Want to know what celebrities live in Orlando, Florida?

stay and find out! Did you know that Orlando is one of the fastest growing regions in the country? 1,000 newcomers a week can’t be wrong: There’s magic in the air in Orlando, and it’s not all just Disney.

not convinced? Among Orlando’s rapidly growing population are a host of celebrities, from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal to comedy superstar Carrot Top. These celebs could live anywhere they want, but they’ve made bordering their home.

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where is orlando?

orlando is located in central florida, in the middle of the florida panhandle.

It is about 60 miles west of Cocoa Beach and 80 miles east of the Gulf of Mexico.

Other nearby points of interest include Disney World (15 miles), Cape Canaveral (55 miles), and Wekiwa Springs (14 miles).

what celebrities live in orlando, florida?

We promised we’d tell you which celebrities live in Orlando, Florida.

And at the Authentic Real Estate team, we keep our promises.

Meet some of the larger-than-life stars who call the beautiful city “home” below!

1. shaquille o’neal

Speaking of larger-than-life stars, the 7’1″ Orlando Magic alum owns a shaq-sized mansion in southwest Orlando, in the elite neighborhood of Isleworth.

Nestled on the shores of picturesque Butler Lake and featuring a distinctive blue tile roof, Shaq’s sprawling estate is even more impressive inside, with 64,000 square feet of space, 11 bedrooms, and an indoor basketball court.


2. carrot head

Scott Thompson, better known as Carrot Top, is famous for his creative prop comedy.

But he definitely wasn’t kidding when he bought his 3,254-square-foot waterfront mansion in Orlando’s prestigious Winter Park neighborhood.

3. joey fatone

As a member of the boy band n’sync, Joey Fatone sang some of the biggest pop hits of the ’90s.

Today, he owns one of the largest homes in Orlando.

Located on the Butler Chain of Lakes, Fatone’s sprawling mansion feels more like a resort than a home, with outdoor amenities like a lagoon-style pool, grotto, spa, and full sushi bar.

4. brand tremonti

mark tremonti is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock bands creed and alter bridge.

but in orlando, it’s known for having one of the biggest houses on the block.

tremonti’s massive home boasts a prime windermere location and over 22,000 square feet of living space.

5. vince carter

Retired NBA star Vince Carter has been called the greatest dunk in basketball history.

He is also the only player to have played for 22 seasons and 4 different decades, lending his talents to 8 different teams during his career.

He is not one to rest on his laurels; In 2017, Carter added another accomplishment to his resume: owning the number one home in Orange County, Florida.

Carter’s Mediterranean-style Isleworth home sits on nearly 10.5 acres of land and features 9 bedrooms, 17 baths, 30,742 square feet of living space, and an 82-foot-long swimming pool.

what other american cities do celebrities live in besides orlando, florida?

celebreties that live in orlando

Orlando, Florida is becoming an ever-more popular place to live for celebrities.

but it’s far from the only city with many famous residents.

Scroll down to discover other star-studded American cities!

1. Los Angeles

This shouldn’t be a surprise.

Home to Hollywood and nearly every major movie studio, Los Angeles is also home to a large celebrity population, from movie stars to musicians, famous athletes and more.

2. new york city

After Los Angeles, New York City is home to the second largest celebrity population in the country.

Famous New York homeowners include Robert Dinero, Al Pacino, Daniel Radcliffe, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Damon.

3. vegas

Sin City is also a city of stars, with famous residents like Celine Dion, Mike Tyson, and Carlos Santana.

4. new orleans

new orleans is famous for jazz, mardi gras, and great food.

another famous feature of new orleans: its large celebrity population.

4. celebration

Although not a city per se, the master-planned celebration community, Florida is home to a growing number of celebrities.

and why wouldn’t it be; Like the city built by Disney, Celebration offers a unique new urban lifestyle at its finest.

Do you want to live among the stars in celebration?

Ask the authentic real estate team how our partners in the celebration homes for sale group can help you get a great deal in this great community!

what is orlando airport?

orlando international airport is the ninth busiest airport in the united states.

It’s also a great place to see celebrities coming and going from their homes in orlando.

Book your flight today to see Orlando for yourself!

what is the median home price of celebrities living in orlando, florida?

Orlando, Florida is fast becoming one of America’s top residential destinations for celebrities.

the orlando metro area is already home to dozens of celebrities, but the number is growing fast.

Therefore, it would be difficult to get complete data on orlando celebrity home prices and get an accurate average.

However, of the 5 celebrities featured in this post, the median home price is approximately $7,520,000.

which celebrity lives in the best house in orlando, florida?

From their size to their incredible amenities, Orlando’s celebrity mansions are all impressive.

but in the battle for the best celebrity house in orlando, there can only be one.

Vince Carter’s $9.9 million Isleworth Mansion was Orange County’s number one home in 2017.

And while he may not be a household name, the founder of Westgate Resorts, David Siegel’s 85,000-square-foot Windermere mansion, nicknamed “Versailles,” would be a safe bet if it weren’t still under construction.


But when it comes to existing celebrity mansions in Orlando, the title of best home has to go to Shaquille O’Neal and his 64,000-square-foot blue-roofed waterfront estate in Isleworth.

how to find celebrity addresses

At the end of the day, celebrities are people just like you and me.

And just like you and me, their addresses are often a matter of public record.

Of course, some celebrities take steps to hide their addresses, which we’ll detail below.

but overall, if you feel like stalking your favorite orlando celeb, fire up google and go for it!

do any orlando florida celebrities live in normal houses?

“normal” is a subjective adjective.

and these days, so is “celebrity”.

but if you’re a middle-of-the-road homebuyer, and your idea of ​​a celebrity is someone whose name is known to the average person, you probably won’t find many “normal” celebrity homes in orlando.

Of the 5 celebrities featured on this page, carrot top’s house is the closest to “normal” you’re likely to find, with an estimated value of around $1.5 million.

How do celebrities hide where they live?

Celebrities who wish to keep their addresses secret sometimes find clever ways to fool public records and prying fans.

one of the most common is to set up an llc or other corporation and have the company buy the house on your behalf.

so anything short of professional research is unlikely to yield results.

learn about all the celebrities who live in orlando, florida, then get the star treatment with an authentic crew!

orlando celebrities

As Orlando grows at an historic rate, and as it attracts more and more celebrity residents, home prices are rising accordingly.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford a great home in this great location.

Because at Authentic Real Estate and Celebration Homes for Sale team, every client gets the star treatment, and that includes a great deal on their home!

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