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There are many celebrities who live in Sarasota, Florida, either full time or as “snowbirds”, escaping harsh winters in other states to enjoy the area’s warm weather and beautiful beaches. Some celebrities have come and gone over the years, settling in Sarasota while doing business in nearby Clearwater or Tampa and then leaving again when necessary.

While you might not see paparazzi chasing limousines around the city of Sarasota, you might spot some well-known faces in the city if you know who to look for, and where to look! Check out this quick list of celebrities who live in Sarasota, FL, and some who have made their way through the city over the years.

celebrities living in sarasota, florida

Are you surprised to hear about celebrities living in Sarasota, Florida? The city offers residents many year-round amenities, so it’s no wonder these notables call the area home or maintain a home in the city to enjoy whenever they can.

brian johnson

brian johnson is best known as the lead singer of ac/dc, an incredibly successful rock band known all over the world. His album “back in black” remains one of the best-selling rock albums of all time! Johnson has toured and performed around the world with AC/DC and, with his bandmates, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Born in 1947 in the UK, Johnson and his wife Brenda now make Sarasota their home, with a luxury waterfront property in Bird Key. While he enjoys a low-key lifestyle in and around Sarasota, the former rocker is also known for collaborating with local musicians on various projects.

joe perry

another rocker now makes sarasota his home! Joe Perry is a founding member of the bands Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires, where he has performed with legends like Tyler Perry, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp.

although perry and his wife billie have their primary residence in vermont, they spend a lot of time at their second home on longboat key. Perry also continues to perform as the Hollywood Vampires band, putting on a series of live shows throughout the year, the proceeds of which are usually donated to charity.

stephen king

Stephen King’s haunting horror novels are often set in his native Maine and surrounding states. However, King and his wife, fellow novelist Tabitha King, also maintain a home in Osprey, where they can escape the cold Northeast winters and enjoy year-round sunshine and blue skies.

Stephen King part of celebrities who live in Sarasota

King has sold some 350 million books in his lifetime, with many of those stories having been developed into motion pictures, TV shows, and other specials. However, King is also known for his outspokenness on various political topics, and has even been spotted participating in various marches around Sarasota and nearby Bradenton.

jerry springer

As the host of one of the most popular daytime television shows ever broadcast, Jerry Springer is a fixture in American culture. His eponymous talk show, which first aired in 1991, soon became famous for exploring all aspects of dysfunctional families and relationships, exposing adultery and racism and everything in between!

While her talk show may be known for guest outbursts and over-the-top theatrics, Springer also enjoys a low-key life as a Sarasota resident. She is reported to be away from the New York recording studio as often as possible to stay at her house in Bird Key. She is also seen dining at many downtown Sarasota restaurants or simply enjoying a walk on the city’s beautiful beaches.

martina navratilova

Former tennis champion Martina Navratilova is often seen in downtown Sarasota, enjoying a low-key lifestyle. Navratilova is often considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time, as she won 18 grand slam singles titles, 31 doubles titles, and 10 mixed doubles titles throughout her career.

celebrities who live in Sarasota, FL Navratilova

Known for her charity support as well as her successful career, Navratilova has also done volunteer work for various causes around the city. She is also an outspoken gay and transgender rights activist and has even marched for various causes in the state.

graeme edge

Graeme Edge, the acclaimed drummer and songwriter for the soulful band The Moody Blues, owns a home along the Manatee River in nearby Bradenton. Even after retiring from the band, Edge continues to tour and perform when he’s not relaxing in the Florida sun!

vital dick

dick vitale is a household name for sports fans across the united states! The former sportscaster now resides in the Sarasota-Bradenton area with his wife, Suzanne. vitale is also the author of several sports-themed books and has appeared in many commercials over the years, where you can always recognize his signature catchphrase, “amazing, baby!”

celebrities living in sarasota, fl – in the past

celebrities who live in Sarasota, FL beach

Whether they needed to move due to family issues or a career change or passed away in death, the city has been host to many other celebrities who live in Sarasota, FL, over the years, including:

jack perkins

Formerly a war correspondent, journalist, and A&E biography host, Jack Perkins was often considered one of the most respected journalists in the country. After moving to Casey Key off the coast of Florida, Perkins also anchored a Gulf Coast daily for Tampa’s Wedu-TV channel. Perkins died in 2019 at a private home in Nokomis, Florida, at age 85.

jane lynch

Known for her statuesque figure as well as her acting chops, Jane Lynch won several primetime Emmy Awards throughout her career. She is best known for her appearance on the hit series Glee, as well as for a number of movie and television roles.

jane lynch work in sarasota, fl area

In 202, Lynch married her partner, clinical psychologist Lara Embry, and the two made their home in Embry’s native Sarasota. After their divorce was finalized in 2014, it was speculated that Lynch left the home to Embry and no longer resides in Sarasota.

rosie o’donnell

Known for her sarcastic wit and sharp comedic chops, Rosie O’Donnell once owned a beautiful waterfront home in Sarasota. the home reportedly featured French oak floors, custom cabinetry, and many other luxury features. After buying the house in 2013 for $5 million, O’Donnell sold it in 2015 for slightly more than the purchase price.

“macho man” wild randy

“macho man” randy savage was one of wwe’s most memorable wrestlers. Savage was known for his colorful suits and tanned skin, and was seen in various commercials when he wasn’t in the ring. Savage was born in Sarasota and maintained a residence in the area until his untimely death in 2011.

where do most celebrities live in florida?

Whether a celebrity loves endless nightlife with chic nightclubs and trendy restaurants or prefers to relax on the beach, they can easily find a Florida city that has just what they need! Take a look at some popular cities that have seen their fair share of famous residents or visitors near Sarasota:


Miami is a popular spot for celebrities, as the city boasts a plethora of nightclubs, shops, and other attractions. its proximity to the ocean also means opportunities for surfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, and whatever else strikes your fancy while you’re in the tropics.

miami florida celebrities who live there

The city of Miami saw a surge in popularity after the TV show Miami Vice aired in the late 80s, and was again popularized by the Will Smith song Going to Miami. Along with Smith, celebrity residents have included actor Matt Damon, singer Gloria Estefan, rapper Sean Combs, boxer Floyd Mayweather, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, actor Christian Slater, supermodel Elle Macpherson, tennis superstar Anna Kournikova and her husband Enrique Iglesias, singer and drummer Phil Collins, and many others.


located in central florida, orlando is beloved for its lush golf courses and family attractions. Celebrities who live or have lived in Orlando include golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Shaquille O’Neill, and singer Joey Fatone.

clear waters

While the city of clearwater offers beautiful beaches and many museums and other attractions, it is also home to a famous scientology center. As such, the city and nearby areas have been home to actors such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley, as well as Lisa Marie Presley, all practitioners of Scientology. Nearby Palma Port is also home to former Scientologist Mike Rinder, who appeared alongside actress Leah Remini on the television show Scientology and the Aftermath, with former church members sharing their stories.

the florida keys

The Florida Keys are a series of small, separate peninsulas along the Florida coast that make up the southernmost region of the United States. The laid-back lifestyle and year-round sunshine have drawn many celebrities to Key Largo, Key West, and other nearby areas for the past several decades. Residents of the Keys have included authors Shel Silverstein, Judy Blume, and Ernest Hemingway, and singer Jimmy Buffett.

palm beach

Known for its opulent beaches and private resorts, Palm Beach is home to many famous millionaires and billionaires. Famous residents have included singer Billy Joel, podcasters Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, former investor Bernie Madoff, and famous business owners the Koch Brothers.

Singer Rod Stewart has also reportedly owned a home in Palm Beach County since at least 2015! The city is also home to Mar-a-Lago, the private resort owned by former President Donald Trump and often home to many members of the Trump family.

other famous Floridians

Many other celebrities live in Sarasota, Florida, and in various areas of the state, either close to a popular city or to get away from the hustle and bustle of popular areas. For example, wrestler John Cena lives in Land ‘o Lakes, Florida, with his wife Shay, whom he met in Tampa.

dwayne “the rock” johnson, one of today’s hottest actors, has a home in the ranches of southwest florida, nestled between miami and fort lauderdale. sisters venus and serena williams, two of the most successful tennis players to ever grace the courts, live on jupiter. While they both enjoy luxurious estates, Venus is said to have said that her house doesn’t have a tennis court, to help separate her work from her home life!

TV celebrity “Judge Judy” lives with her husband part-time in Naples, Florida. they reportedly once owned a luxury condominium in the city, which they later sold in favor of a house near a tranquil lagoon in the same city.

tom brady lives around sarasota, fl

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen moved to Florida with her husband, NFL superstar Tom Brady, when the latter signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. The couple reportedly have a home in Indian Creek near Miami Beach, which is a full three-hour drive from Raymond James Stadium where Brady plays!

Former rapper Vanilla Ice now spends his days as a contractor and real estate flipper in and around Wellington, Florida. He also has a home on the DIY network with the television show The Vanilla Ice Project, showcasing his projects.

Singer/actress Cher is also a longtime Florida resident. The artist reportedly owns a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home on Miami’s beachfront La Gorce Island. American football star Tim Tebow also has a home situated right on a golf course in Jacksonville, Florida, allowing him to golf whenever he wants.

actress julia roberts also has a house on fisher island, off the coast of miami. Baseball player Derek Jeter reportedly has a luxury apartment in Miami and a house in Tampa!

the many millionaires & celebrities living in sarasota, fl

if you live in sarasota, there could be a millionaire right next door! the city and its surroundings regularly attract some of the wealthiest people in the country, including people who are simply rich enough to live in such a beautiful area.

west palm beach celebrities

According to a 2021 report released by pods, there are some 17,000 millionaires living in the Sarasota area, with about 2,450 having a net worth of $5 million or more. ( That same report says that Sarasota is the second most popular spot in the state for drawing millionaires from other parts of the country.

Hopefully, you liked this quick list of celebrities who live in Sarasota, Florida and are ready to keep your eyes open the next time you’re in town or lounging on the beach. You never know who you might see when you’re in the beautiful city of Sarasota!

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