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Famous people who live in texas

Texans are great.

and by awesome, I mean really awesome.

We’re so cool even celebrities want to be Texans!

Check out these 12 celebrities who live in Texas:

1. matthew mcconaughey

Yes, it should come as no surprise that one of Hollywood’s proudest Texans still lives in the Lone Star State. When he doesn’t show up on the sets of dallas buys club, magic mike or interstellar in his touring RV, matthew mcconaughey calls austin the home of she. In an interview with ABC News, McConaughey said that he moved to Austin to be closer to his mother. how sweet is that?

2. elon musk

millionaire, tech wizard and… power broker? that’s how it is! Elon Musk lives in a small house in Boca Chica, Texas. The newly minted Texan created a new Tesla branch in South Texas to sell electricity to the public. Musk recently told Joe Rogan that he also believes Austin will be America’s “biggest booming city,” so it’s no wonder the businessman has chosen Austin as the location for his new thousand-mile manufacturing plant. millions of dollars.

3. joe rogan

Speaking of Joe Rogan, the California transplant recently moved his family into a beautiful waterfront home on Lake Austin. The MMA commentator and fear factor star completely redesigned his new home into a “modern Asian-inspired mansion” complete with an exquisite kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows and, of course, a state-of-the-art home gym and recording studio.

4. james van der beek

A series of unfortunate events landed the Dawson’s Creek star and his family in Lone Star status. james, his wife kimberly and his 5 children were beginning to feel cramped in beverly hills. They decided to lease a 36-acre property about 45 minutes outside of Austin, where they plan to test the waters before settling permanently in Texas. They’re excited to have some family and friends join them on the property in what Kimberly describes as “very composed village life.”

5. scott eastwood

With an iconic last name like Eastwood, it should come as no surprise that the son of the great Clint Eastwood wants a slice of the cowboy lifestyle. The ruggedly handsome surfer, actor, and hunter visited Austin, TX in his college years and has been in love with Texas ever since. Since 2018, the former Californian has been expanding his car collection at his Austin home. His collection includes classics like a ’61 Ferrari and a nice pickup truck.

6. chris harrison

The Texan native has officially returned to his home state after leaving the single/bachelorette franchise. Harrison settled in the Barton Creek area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustin so she could be within a few hours of his son, who attends Texas Christian University in Fortworth. The show’s longtime host also recently bought a stake in Steam Theory Brewing, a brewery in Dallas (Harrison’s hometown) that boasts a full-service bar, full food menu, and games galore.

7. sandra bull

if there’s one celebrity who pre-empted the austin boom, it’s sandra bullock. The miss congeniality actress fell in love with the area when she came to film floats of hope . bullock bought her lakefront home there in 1997, but since then she has owned and sold many different homes and businesses in town. Currently, the bullock real estate portfolio boasts its own restaurant, bakery, deli, and flower shop in downtown austin.

8. jared padalecki and jensen ackles

why group these two together? well, aside from the fact that they co-star on the hit show supernatural, they’re also best friends in real life. Both also happen to be native Texans: Jared was born in San Antonio and Jensen was born in Dallas. Of course, both actors now live in Austin. Since he’s settled in, Ackles has started a distillery with his wife, and Padalecki has started filming the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot. The city also welcomed the duo with open arms: Austin Mayor Steve Adler declared June 23 a “supernatural day.”

9. james marsden

in an interview with kelly & Oklahoma native Ryan says he has been “vacationing” in Austin for more than 20 years and finally decided to settle there himself. The Westworld actor jokes that many of the other celebrities who have since moved to the area were following in his footsteps, but James Marsden really appreciates Austin’s “small town” feel and proximity to his mother.

10. adrien genius

The entourage actor, best known for his role as Vincent Chase, attributes his move to the great state of Texas to his mother’s keen eye for real estate. Grenier says that he arrived early in many up-and-coming cities in the United States, such as Williamsburg and Clinton Hill, and Austin is no exception. The UN Environmental Ambassador (yes, you read that right!) has had a small place in Austin since 2016, but the pandemic inspired him to buy more land, where he plans to create an environmentally conscious community.

11. willie nelson

if there’s one person that comes to mind when you think of texas, it’s probably the great willie nelson. At the young and ripe age of 88, the country star can still be found touring music venues in every major city. But when he’s not on the road, he’s home on his ranch in Spicewood, Texas, with his wife of 30 years, Annie. The longtime advocate of legalized marijuana recently launched his own cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, which is proud to honor Willie’s philosophy of “my stash is your stash.”

12. chris klein

American Pie actor Chris Klein moved to Austin in 2013 because his wife, Laina Rose Thyfault, is a born-and-raised Austinite. After marrying in 2015 and welcoming their first child in 2016, Klein says Austin was the best place to raise his son, Frederick. Although Klein is a native of small-town Illinois, he is no stranger to the Texas lifestyle: he attended Texas Christian University in Fortworth before settling in Austin.

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