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Famous people who survived the titanic

Just over a century ago, a serious maritime accident brought tears to the world. Nicknamed the “unsinkable” ship, the RMS Titanic ironically sank on its first voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean. as a result of speeding in dangerous waters, the ship’s hull was punctured by an iceberg. Of the more than 2,200 passengers on board, some 1,500 people lost their lives. only about 700 souls survived. Below are 15 Titanic survivors and their extraordinary stories. Included in this article is also a succinct description of the survivor rates of the titanic disaster.

brief summary of titanic disaster and survivor statistics

The Titanic was embarking on her maiden voyage from England to New York City. built to contain luxurious facilities, a number of famous people boarded the elegant ship. but on that same fateful day, money and fame were almost completely useless. when the ship began to sink every hour. as a result of a severe shortage of lifeboats, panic and fear gripped the passengers. In the midst of this fear, several brave people stepped forward to save the lives of vulnerable women and children.

Read more about some of these brave individuals who sacrificed their lives to save fellow Titanic passengers.

Survival rates from the titanic disaster were much higher for women and children, especially women in the first-class section of the ship. research over decades has revealed that up to 97% of the 144 women in first-class cabins were saved. to a certain extent, the male passengers in the first class compartment were also lucky; 32% of the 175 first-class men escaped the disaster. Regarding the second class section, the survival rate of the males was very terrible. in fact, it was the worst. 14 men out of 168 survived. Approximately 24% of third class passengers survived.

list of famous survivors of the titanic disaster

These are some very famous survivors of the RMS Titanic disaster: a luxurious ocean liner that harrowingly sank on April 15, 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean.

milvina dean

millvina was the youngest person (2 months) to survive the sinking of the titanic. she passed away in 2009 at the age of 97. her death in 2009 made her the last dead survivor of the titanic.

bruce is may

He was one of the owners of the titanic ship. Bruce held a high position as manager of the international merchant marine. He was a business tycoon from England who came under intense criticism after surviving the disaster. As a top shipping line official, there was controversy that Bruce allegedly instructed the captain to speed up more, so that the Titanic could set a speed record upon arrival in New York City.

the navratil orphans

michel navratil and edmond navratil were two young brothers who fortunately survived the titanic tragedy. the children’s parents were involved in divorce disputes. so, his father bought the titanic ticket and planned to move with his children to the united states. he even forged names for himself and his children to get tickets. When titanic disaster struck and death was about to lay its icy hand on him and the children, Michel Sr. secured the last lifeboat for his children. the navratil children survived, but sadly his father did not. the sad story of the orphans gained a lot of media attention. After spending a couple of weeks in the care of a French survivor of the Titanic, Margaret Hays, the Navratil children finally became their mother’s comforting hands.

cosmo and lucy duff gordon

cosmo and lucy duff gained notoriety on the ship, simply by their survival. sitting in the first-class compartment as a couple, they ran to the first lifeboat. Lucy was a famous fashion designer from Great Britain. cosmo (as a rich man) was criticized for bribing the crew and ignoring the women and children first policy, but he denied doing so.

If Lucy hadn’t canceled her trip to Lusitania in 1915, she would have been involved in another ocean tragedy: the Germans torpedoed a ship she was supposed to be on.

regarding the titanic disaster, it has been said that the gordons lifeboat could have carried more than 12 people, but lucy and her husband allegedly bribed the crew not to allow any more passengers to join their boat, they feared for their lives.

violet jessop

jessop was a ship stewardess who survived the titanic disaster. Prior to her involvement in the Titanic tragedy, Ella Jessop had survived the RMS Olympic’s collision with another ship from the start. Luckily, the Olympian’s watertight compartment worked fine and she saved her precious lives.

Amidst the commotion and jostling of the sinking Titanic, Jessop helped non-English speaking passengers to safety before she was officially called to join a lifeboat.

In all, Jessop survived three maritime accidents: the RMS Olympic in 1911; the rms titanic in 1912; and the britannic hmhs in 1916, before he died in 1971, he was 83 years old. Due to her notable calls to near maritime disasters, Jessop was often called “Miss Unsinkable”.

madeleine astor

Madeline’s husband (John Astor) was the richest person on board with a net worth of US$87 million. She conditionally inherited her husband’s wealth, but then gave up the wealth and remarried several times.

dorothy gibson

was a 22 year old young movie star who survived the titanic catastrophe of 1912. he later starred in a silent movie called “saved from the titanic”. another very interesting fact about dorothy gibson is that she used her titanic dress as a costume for the movie. the film was released in May of that year.

frederick’s fleet

was a sailor from britain who became a member of the titanic crew at the age of 25. he was part of the watchmen who saw the iceberg in time. after seeing the iceberg, he rang a bell and alerted the bridge; it was probably too late, but others blamed him in part for the disaster. fleet in later life he became depressed and took his own life in 1965.

charles joughin

was a crew member who used his own intelligence to survive the tragedy. After the disaster struck, Charles and other passengers began drinking alcohol to beat the cold that developed in the icy waters. Charles consumed alcohol while helping other passengers escape to lifeboats. she didn’t get a space for him on the boat, but his drinking helped him live up to 3 hours in the icy waters before rescue finally arrived. He lived for 78 years before he died in New Jersey.

eva miriam harts

She was only 7 years old when the disaster caught her and her parents on the boat. at the time of the accident, she was asleep. Her father’s resilience saved Eva’s life and her mother’s. Titanic sank with Eva’s father. her body was never identified.

Growing up, Eva became a great Australian singer, politician and magistrate. she strongly criticized the insufficient number of lifeboats, which led to numerous deaths. According to Eva, the site of the Titanic’s sinking should be treated with reverence as it is a graveyard. Because of this, she was against attempts to salvage the wreckage of the Titanic.

archibald gracie iv

He was a writer and historian. After surviving the disaster, he wrote a vivid account of the events leading up to the tragedy, but he did not live long afterward.

After helping dozens of other passengers evacuate the ship, Archibald found himself resurfacing above the icy waters as the ship capsized. he got into a floating lifeboat and was later rescued, along with other survivors.

henry s. harpist

was a business tycoon from the united states who belonged to harper & sibling signature. he was among the notable survivors of the titanic disaster. Harper made a name for himself as a forest conservationist.

charles lightoller

I was a second officer on the titanic. Lightoller strictly observed the women-first policy at face value, somewhat to the apparent detriment of male passengers. to be fair, she was somewhat responsible for allowing half-empty lifeboats to set sail. luckily for him, she survived, this was after she went down with the ship for a short time and then resurfaced. As the minutes ticked by, Lightoller’s survival instincts sharpened. he held on for dear life by holding on to an inverted boat until rescue came. Years after the disaster, Lightoller would go on to make many recommendations to improve maritime safety on the high seas.


She was an influential philanthropist who was among the survivors. Margaret and her husband, James Brown, became extremely wealthy after their mining business boomed in the early 20th century. As a social activist, she showed great concern for the welfare of children and women. she also helped row a lifeboat to the scene of the accident to save more survivors. she was nicknamed “the unsinkable molly brown”. Her titanic experience was later made into a Hollywood movie.

masabumi hosono

He was the only Japanese citizen aboard the Titanic. As a foreigner, Hosono was initially rejected when he attempted to join a lifeboat. when a second lifeboat had enough room for two more people, hosono jumped with his dear life. supposedly, his survival cost him his job. the media ridiculed him and shamed his family until his last days.

noel leslie

was a British countess; She ascended to her title when she married Norman Evelyn Leslie, the Earl of Rothes. ella nöel was a popular personality in london. she boarded the ship together with her cousin cherry. her cousins ​​were among the lucky passengers who boarded the lifeboats and survived the tragedy. Leslie, her cousin, and some of the crew suggested going back to rescue more survivors, but her idea was met with resistance from other lifeboat survivors. nöel became very philanthropic after the disaster and served as a nurse during the first world war.

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