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Because it is much more prevalent than most people realize, there are many famous people and celebrities with bipolar disorder, and many of them have begun to speak out about the challenges of living with bipolar disorder. with him.

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a mental health condition that carries a great deal of unnecessary stigma.

Given that nearly 3 percent of adults in the United States struggle with the condition in any given year, it makes sense that a similar percentage of celebrities with bipolar disorder also experience the symptoms and difficulties it presents.


what is bipolar disorder?

bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by changes in mood that can range from a debilitating depression to an almost uncontrollable manic phase, in which the person does not sleep for days.

There are two main types of the condition, known as bipolar I and bipolar II.

Bipolar I disorder is diagnosed in those who have experienced at least one manic episode, which leads to increased and often chaotic energy levels.

These episodes include being extremely talkative, feeling elated or irritable, and being at increased risk of engaging in risky behavior. Bipolar I disorder also comes with at least one episode of major depression.

This may explain some of the erratic behavior displayed in the media by celebrities with bipolar disorder, which non-celebrities don’t have to deal with and can keep their condition private.

In the case of bipolar I disorder, it usually occurs throughout a person’s life. it can sometimes result in hospitalization, and long-term treatment usually requires some form of medication.

Bipolar II disorder is not necessarily a milder form of bipolar disorder, although it is characterized by episodes of depression and hypomania, which is a less severe form of mania.

Hypomania is often interpreted as highly productive, yet it can also be incredibly disturbing and problematic for some people.

Bipolar II disorder usually requires some form of treatment to keep symptoms under control and provide stability for those coping with the condition.

People with this disorder can lead healthy and productive lives with treatment, as evidenced by many famous people with bipolar disorder who have been very successful in their careers.

Staying healthy, as with any type of chronic health problem, can require dedication and vigilance, continuing medication, seeking therapy when necessary, and not ignoring the warning signs of depression, mania, or hypomania.

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famous people and celebrities with bipolar disorder

As mentioned above, bipolar disorder affects approximately 3 percent of Americans. population, and since no one is immune, it cuts across all areas of work and life.

Fortunately, many famous people with bipolar disorder have used their notoriety and access to the media to speak out about the impact it had on their lives, to let others know that they are not alone and that treatment can help.

10 celebrities with bipolar disorder

1. mariah carey

Singer, songwriter, actress and producer mariah carey has won too many awards to list. The iconic artist opened up in 2018 about her bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2001, in which she was hospitalized for a physical and mental breakdown.

“I sought out and received treatment, put positive people around me, and got back to doing what I love: writing songs and making music,” Carey said in an interview.

2. robert downey jr.

robert downey jr. is an academy award nominated and golden globe winning actor who had a very public and longstanding struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. To some, similar fights may have ruined his career, but Downey, who has reportedly been sober since 2003, has thrived.

Although he has not publicly stated that he has bipolar disorder, Downey’s stepmother said, in a 2000 interview with People magazine, that the actor had been diagnosed “a few years ago,” adding that the condition was “the reason Because of the one I had, it’s hard to stay sober.”

3. cute hamilton

Best known for her portrayal of sarah connor in the “terminator” film franchise, linda hamilton discussed her struggles with depression and bipolar disorder on “the larry king show” on CNN in 2005.

During the interview, he discussed violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts, which he believed led to the failure of two marriages, before eventually receiving therapy and medication to manage his condition.

Famous People and Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder

4. carrie fisherman

carrie fisher, who is most famous for playing princess leia in the original “star wars” trilogy, had a very public struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and much part of that was driven by her. she struggles with mental illness.

The daughter of celebrity parents, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, the actress broke new ground and earned critical acclaim for speaking openly about her battle with bipolar disorder and drug abuse.

5. ted turner

billionaire media mogul ted turner is the founder of turner broadcasting and cnn. Despite battling bipolar disorder for much of his life, he was able to achieve great success as an entrepreneur. Turner is said to have taken lithium to help control his symptoms.

6. jane pauley

journalist, television host, author, and the woman widely accepted as successor to barbara walter, jane pauley went public with her bipolar disorder in her best-selling memoir, “skywriting: a life out of the blue”.

in a 2014 time magazine interview, pauley is reported to have said, “part of my defense is not to talk about stigma. it’s real, but it doesn’t help us move forward. my other message is that i take my meds every day. without vacations I have not had a recurrence.”

7. halsey

Born Ashley Frangipane, pop singer Halsey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a suicide attempt when she was 17, and said she began abusing drugs shortly after her diagnosis.

Although she has received criticism for calling herself “tri-bi” for being biracial, bipolar, and bisexual, Halsey said she accepted her bipolar diagnosis because it makes her “really emphatic.”

8. catherine zeta-jones

An academy award-winning actress, catherine zeta-jones has been open about her diagnosis of bipolar ii disorder, although she has stated that she only spoke of it with apprehension. Around 2007, she retired from a busy acting schedule to focus on her family and her health.

After some personal struggles, including her hospitalization for bipolar disorder in 2011 and 2013, Zeta-Jones and her husband, actor/producer Michael Douglas, briefly separated as a result of the stress of her illness, although they they reconciled in 2014.

9. selena gomez

Singer, actress, and producer, selena gomez has spent much of her life in the spotlight, which can be extremely stressful. To her credit, the young artist has been extremely open about battling anxiety and depression.

In April 2020, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has since founded wondermind, “a company that aims to create a world where your mental health care is democratized and destigmatized.”


10. mark russell

Comedian, actor, radio host and podcast host russell brand is very open about many of the struggles he has faced in his life and career. According to his biography, he has been diagnosed with ADHD, has suffered from bulimia, a period of self-harm, drug addiction and suspected bipolar disorder since early adolescence.

While many love the open brand and others find it a bit more than over the top, the comedian once described the concept of fame as “ashes in the mouth.” Although he has spoken of being bipolar, Brand said he only received treatment for depression.

most famous and celebrities with bipolar disorder

Below is a quick list of other celebrities with bipolar disorder who have been diagnosed or told they are living with the symptoms of the condition.

  • francis ford coppola
  • ray davies of the kinks
  • richard dreyfuss
  • mel gibson
  • patrick j. kennedy
  • rene russo
  • charlie sheen
  • ben stiller
  • chris brown
  • aaron carter

Some of these individuals have struggled with bipolar and substance abuse issues and it is quite common for these types of co-occurring disorders to require dual diagnosis rehabilitation treatment for successful recovery.

Regardless of the extent of the condition, seeking treatment early at the first sign of symptoms offers the best chance of managing bipolar disorder and leading a healthy, productive life.

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