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Fashion designer movie review

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After a long hiatus, legendary director Vamsy returns with his new movie fashion designer. Starring Sumanth Ashwin as the main lead, this movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


gopalam (sumanth ashwin) is a small-time tailor who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. to succeed, he catches a rich girl in his town. This is also the time when another rich girl named Ammulu (Manali Rathod) falls head over heels for the Gopalam. Seeing this, he also becomes involved in the relationship.

but the twist in the story comes when a rich nri (anisha ambrose) enters the scene. once again gopalam changes course and somehow catches her. now, she is caught between the three girls and the rest of the story is who she ends up with in the end.

positive points:-

The story is pretty decent and it’s nicely set in a small town. the sensitivities of the people in the godavari area have been convincingly displayed. Manali Rathod is the best of the three heroines and gives a decent performance.

sumanth ashwin is good in his role, but the director has made him overreact in many scenes. the camera work is impressive and it shows the normal proceedings in a very good way. Mani Sharma’s music is another highlight as all his songs are quite good and creatively shot.

pandu, who plays sumanth ashwin’s sidekick, is decent in his role. the movie has a few catches here and there that might appeal to the front pews.

negative points:-

vamsy’s way of showing godavari people, his slapstick comedy, all worked during those days. but things have changed forever as the director goes overboard in narrating him. the movie has a lot of noisy scenes that irritate after a point.

If the interesting story had been told in a simple way without too many exaggerated moments, things would have been much better. the emotion in the character of the hero is missing, as vamsy makes him too loud for the audience.

sumanth ashwin’s dubbing does not suit his character well, as all the flaws are clearly visible on screen. there are certain vulgar scenes that have the typical vamsy style but are no longer funny.

technical aspects:-

producer madhura sreedha assures that the film looks quite rich and has not been compromised and gives viewers some rich and relaxing images. the editing is decent and so was the art direction. the dialogue was quirky and suited the mood of the film well. Coming to director Vamsy, it’s his script that brings the film down. he adds a lot of noisy scenes that are outdated and of no interest value to the audience. even the climax rushes in hastily.


Overall, Fashion Designer is a movie that has a hint of the trademark vamsy in just a few stark scenes. the procedures seem a bit dated and some exaggerated performances make things more difficult. all those who love vamsi slapstick comedy might like this comedy but otherwise this movie is ok and only watchable if you have absolutely nothing to do. rating: 2.75/5

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