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friendship: an exciting college thriller with a strong message

losliya mariyanesan has gained a lot of fans after appearing in ‘bigg boss 3’ hosted by kamal haasan. legendary cricketer harbhajan singh has endeared himself to tamil fans after his famous tamil tweets which continue to this day from his csk days. ‘amistad’ has cast this charismatic but unusual couple in a thriller with a strong message set on a college campus. Will the movie hit a note with all the sections of the audience left to see?

The story takes place in an engineering college where Jeeva (Sathish), Kpy Bala, Shakti, and Prabhu are first-year students in the mechanical department. Bhagavat Singh, also known as Bhajji, a Punjabi who loves Tamil and its culture, joins them and soon becomes their leader. like most other m.e. lots of them are also male only and have decided not to mix with females. Losliya arrives, a new student who is full of charm and at the same time has the ability to boldly stand up to the faculty, the elders and her chauvinistic classmates. slowly, boys are attracted to her and a “friendship” develops into a strong bond. shocking tragedies strike, the culmination of which is that the children find themselves in prison accused of murder. what happens next is what the script is about.

losliya in her debut has retained the charm that she exhibited in ‘bigg boss’ and getting emotional comes naturally to her. From her entrance, she becomes the center of attraction and easily manages the variety of expressions that the script demands. she is most effective in the interval scene when she makes an emotional speech after building an innovative apparatus. Harbhajan Singh as Bhajji seems a bit out of sync in the opening scenes, but gradually improves and shines in the action sequences. The fans of him also enjoy an exciting cricket match that has its own twists and turns that will satisfy them. action king arjun who appears as the vigilante lawyer shailendhar is the show stealer in the film. his agility in fights hasn’t diminished one iota with age and he also dominates in the court scenes possessing better second half par. this is an end times movie where sathish gets a meaty role alongside the hero and his acting is effective even in the emotional scenes. millisecond. Bhaskar seals the seniority of him as a gray shadow lawyer, while the late Venkat Subha and producer JSK Sathish are subtly menacing as the villains. Kpy Bala tickles the funny bones while newcomers Shakti and Prabhu like the other classmates also make their mark. Monica in the key character of madhu the crippled girl is suitable.

what works best in “friendship” is the entire first half, which is loaded with engaging elements, such as the rivalry on campus, the building of a friendship between the boys and the girl, the group combining to develop an appliance. the non-linear narration also helps in the spicy movement of the script. tragedy and unexpected consequences keep the interest in the second half. The reveal of who Arjun is and why he becomes a vigilante is also interesting. the graphically recreated cricket match lends value to bhajji’s presence. as well as the rich production

on the other hand, the friendship between losliya and the boy develops in a very generic way often seen in the past, which prevents the audience from fully engaging with the characters. losliya’s backstory is also not very convincing and her character, which has two tragic elements, has diluted the emotional quotient. In the crucial hospital scene, the boys’ reactions to losliya’s fate could have been handled better.

Debutant cinematographer santa kumar is technically the ‘friendship”s biggest asset, providing pleasing visuals in the campus scenes and eerie lighting contrasting with the ghastly ones. deepak s dwarakanath’s “superstar” anthem and “friendship” anthem are flashy, but their background score is generic. seantoaa films and cinemass studio have provided great production value to the film. it is appreciable that they have finished the film in the pandemic situation and are taking it to theaters. Producers and directors John Paul Raj and Sham Surya have adapted the Malayalam hit ‘Queen’ and turned it into a racy thriller that’s engaging for the most part.

verdict: opt for this campus-based thriller that also has a strong message

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