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Gaali Sampath Telugu Movie Review |

Gaali sampath movie review

Comedy-drama ‘Gaali Sampath’ by main hero Rajendra Prasad and talented hero Sree Vishnu has been creating a lot of buzz in recent weeks. With star director Anil Ravipudi hosting the film, as well as writing the dialogue and script and even acting as supervising director, Gaali Sampath has risen to prominence among Maha Shivaratri premieres. let’s see how the movie fares.


Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) lives with her son Soori (Sree Vishnu) in a picturesque village of Araku. he gets the prefix ‘gaali’ because he is mute and can only produce air while speaking due to an accident that changed his life forever.

gaali sampath is passionate about acting. In a dramatic turn of events, Gaali Sampath’s passion interrupts her son’s dream of owning a truck and also ruins her love life. This leads to the separation of the father-son duo after Gaali Sampath faces the biggest challenge of her life. you need to see the movie on the big screen to know how they meet again at the end.

positive points:

gaali sampath is rajendra prasad’s solo show. the seasoned actor particularly shows his experience in the mime scene. The hero Sree Vishnu does well in the role of a son whose dreams are shattered because of his father. he was quite good at showing his helplessness and his emotional attachment to his father in several crucial scenes.

comedian satya as the ‘voice of gaali sampath’ generates quite a few laughs with his hilarious translations of gaali sampath’s ‘dialogues’. rookie lovely singh looks pretty, but her role is very limited. the rest of the supporting actors in the film do her job well.

the climactic scene where gaali sampath overcomes his greatest fear and defiance with the help of the rain, which he hates for ruining his life, is good.

negative points:

outdated comedy and 90’s style thrills and storytelling are the main drawbacks of gaali sampath. the film was made during the lockdown, especially when the public was watching a lot of international shows and movies. but audiences will have to see gaali sampath with 90’s sensibilities and that’s asking a lot as they have now evolved.

the main advantage of the movie, the funny wind noises that gaali sampath makes while speaking is silly and fails to elicit laughter and only becomes irritating after the first few scenes. the love track between sree vishnu and lovely singh has no impact. even the separate comedy track with srikanth iyengar and anish kuruvilla tests the patience of the audience.

technical aspects:

One can’t help but wonder why Anil Ravipudi, who is generally known for engineering some rib-tickling comedy episodes in all of his previous movies, has crafted such a lackluster script and comedy in Gaali Sampath. director anish krishna manages to extract good performances from all the main actors in him. but he couldn’t do much more due to an illogical and outdated script.

sai sriram’s cinematography is decent as it captures araku’s beauty well. the music composer achu’s background score in the mime scene is quite moving and makes the scene stand out. the songs he composed are fine but they don’t leave a lasting impression. the film is made on a modest budget and it shows on screen.


gaali sampath, despite having big names like rajendra prasad, sree vishnu and anil ravipudi, doesn’t create the necessary impact. the story is a bit outdated and the narrative becomes illogical in places. The film’s fate at the box office depends largely on how the raucous comedy generated through Rajendra Prasad’s Gaali Sampath character is received by audiences in Centers B and C. if you plan to watch gaali sampath this weekend, we advise you to keep your expectations low. rating: 2.75/5

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