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Gatham Telugu Movie Review |

Gatham movie review

gatham is a movie that has caught the attention of many due to its interesting trailer. the movie is now available on amazon prime and let’s see how it goes.


gatham is completely set in the united states. Rishi (Rakesh) wakes up in a hospital to find that he has lost his memory. his girlfriend aditi (pojitha) helps him get to his father, but on the way, his car suddenly breaks down. an unknown man (bhargava poludadu) comes to their rescue and takes the couple to his house. but to the surprise of the couple, the unknown man begins to attack them. who is this unknown man? Does it have something to do with the couple? why did rishi lose his memory? to know all this, you need to see the movie.

bonus points

The first thing that strikes you is the decent production values. Gatham has amazing camera work and an effective BGM composed by Sricharan Pakala. rakesh is effective as a rishi but imitates vijay devarakonda with his voice.

poojitha plays his supporting role well throughout the film. the main man, who plays the kidnapper, is quite effective. Although he seems crude at first, he handles things well in his key role.

The writing is decent and the twists are also presented in an easy way. the way the main cast investigates the crime is also handled well. the climax also looks convincing.

negative points

there are some logics missing in the movie. whatever character you come across is comfortably a telugu guy. care should have been taken in this department to make things look authentic.

The first ten minutes of the film are nervous. since the cast is new and vulnerable, you don’t get that serious vibe. only after 15 minutes, things get interesting. the twists could have been even more effective at the end.

The police have almost nothing to do in a country like the United States and this looks a bit strange in some scenes. plus, once the main twist is revealed, things get a bit predictable at the end.

technical aspects

The technical aspects of the film are quite good. as said before the visuals are great and so was the musical score. the dialogues are decent and the dubbing was quite efficient. the production design was good and the script was good too.

as for director kiran reddy, he makes a decent debut. his writing is decent even though there are a few key mistakes in the movie’s setting. even though he has a relatively new cast, he narrated the movie decently, which is good. but the movie has some easy situations and characters to tease out the twists. If this part had been adjusted, the movie would have been even better.


Overall, Gatham is a psychological thriller that has a decent story. good visuals and decent twists are the film’s basic assets. if you ignore the slightly buff cast and watch it with an open mind ignoring some logic, this movie ends up as a passable watch for its simple twists. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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