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Gentleman movie review greatandhra

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Movie: Knight Rating: 3/5 Banner: Sridevi Movies Cast: Nani, Surabhi, Niveda Thomas, Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Rohini, Satyam Rajesh, Sri Mukhi and others story: r david nathan music: manisharma cinematography: p g vinda editing: marthand k venkatesh producer: sivalenka krishna prasad screenplay, director: mohana krishna indraganti release date: June 17, 2016

With two successes in a row, Nani has become the most bankable star in Tollywood today. hence her films have great expectations. Ever since she teamed up with Mohana Krishna Indraganti, who introduced Nani as a hero in ‘Ashta Chemma’, this film has raised high expectations. the theatrical trailer raised expectations.

so does this movie have enough meat to give nani a hat-trick?

Story: Katherine (Niveda), who works as a visual effects artist, is impressed with a street smart boy, Gautham (Nani), and falls in love with him. After a few days, Katherine goes to London for a workshop. On her flight home, she meets Aishwarya (Surabhi). During her trip to Hyderabad, Katherine learns that Aishwarya is getting married to a businessman, Jay. Aishwarya narrates how she became engaged to Jay and his romantic journey to Kodai.

after landing in hyderabad, katherine learns that the boy surabhi is to marry and her boyfriend are the same. How can she love two women at the same time? what’s the twist?

Performance Artists: Nani has proven her talent in the acting department once again. she has shown the marked difference by portraying the two hues: that of that classy businessman and the street smart young man. she has shown that she can play any type of role with ease. Actually, he is brilliant in the movie.

tamil/malaylam actress niveda thomas has a meaty role and is convincing in her role. surabhi as lovable heroine is fine.

avasarala srinivas rao as a villain is not that effective. vennela kishore has generated some good laughs as sudarshanam.

Srimukhi as a journalist, Rohini as Nani’s mother, and Tanikella Bharani in a supporting role are fine.

Technical Excellence: “gentleman” boasts good technical and production values ​​with excellent cinematography by p g vinda. manisharma has returned to the movie scene after a long time and has given a couple of good tunes. his background score in particular is perfect. editing is just average. the second half is very slow

highlights: nani performance, interval, episode, background score, vennela kishore comedy,

drawback: rhythm inconsistency boring romantic track

analysis: Known for making offbeat films, director indraganti mohan krishna has made a thriller with nani. he begins “gentleman” with a romantic thread, not one but two love stories, one involving nani and surabhi and the other involving nani and niveda thomas.

after the end of brief romantic threads, the film goes into a cliffhanger mode: the hero confuses the audience if he is a villain or a gentleman, the heroine becomes a lady detective, many murders along the way and a twist unexpected at the end. .

These have worked in their favor. the opening romantic track doesn’t entertain, but the movie continues with the interval. while the twist doesn’t surprise or impress you, it serves the overall impact of the story well.

In the second half, the director has also put a hilarious comedy track on Vennela Kishore. as a sudarshanam manager who doesn’t like people typing x or xxx on keyboards, he has given the best comedy. the track of his short film uploaded to youtube is also funny.

While this clue continues, the heroine Niveda embarks on a quest to find the truth about Nani. this offers some exciting moments. Nani giving one of the best performances of her is the greatest strength of this film.

then manisharma raises many sequences with his good background score. “gentleman” is a mixed bag. amazing interval blast, some good suspense elements in the second half, comedy from vennela kishore and most importantly nani’s acting has worked well. but the movie also has many issues, like a boring pace, a not-so-interesting twist, and a predictable climax.

In general, “gentelman” is a film that can be seen in its second half and for nani.

end result: decent thriller

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