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Hit review. Hit Telugu movie review, story, rating –

Hit telugu movie review

Hit review. Hit Telugu movie review, story, rating -

‘hit’, starring vishwak sen, will hit screens this Friday. Here’s our review of the police thriller.


vikram rudraraju (vishwak sen), a policeman, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after a loved one was brutally set on fire by wild men a few years ago. panic attacks visit him every time he is at a crime scene or he is stressed. To make matters worse, his colleague and his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) is kidnapped by a mysterious person.

an enraged vikram tries to solve the case through a parallel investigation against his superior (played by bhanuchander). But before he can locate Neha, who he doesn’t know is dead or alive, Vikram has to solve the case of the kidnapping of a college student named Preethi. How does he do it? what is the villain’s motive? the answers to these and other questions are the crux of the story.


In one of the opening scenes of the film, Vikram is seen recklessly using emojis to communicate with his superior on WhatsApp. this irritates the latter, who tells him to behave. vikram doubles down on the irreverence and sends one more emoji. the brief moment, which isn’t even a verbalized scene, fully establishes the character of the male lead without wasting screen time. that’s some talented writing for you.

newcomer director and screenwriter dr. sailesh kolanu knows that his story is not that strong. he therefore intrigues the audience in other ways. In the film’s only funny scene, Vikram sheds his stiffness to criticize a conservative college professor who becomes Preethi’s morality police at the university. this scene should not make you believe that comedy is going to visit you again and again. the film religiously sticks to the serious nature of its genre 99 percent of the time.

Thanks to the superb production design (by avinash kolla) and the background score (by vivek sagar, who’s not 100% original here, but never mind), the atmosphere is just right.

The characterization of the hero is another highlight. Vikram has a strong sense of smell and looks down on a colleague who thinks he is a jerk. “I didn’t know you were so stupid,” Vikram condescendingly taunts Abhilash, assuring him that he cannot tolerate incompetence. when it comes to solving high-profile cases, he shows off his maverick ways and his rare competence on his sleeves.

Although it glorifies the ways of vikram (which are not always bound by the law), the film does not go overboard or resort to massive masala tropes. for example, when the hero makes a female character a drug dealer without procedures, his boss literally gets physical with him. that must have been humiliating for him. But since Vikram wallows in pain (because Neha is missing) and is hell-bent on solving the case, he is indifferent to the reprimand.

The film does not take the audience for granted and it is evident in the way the polygraph test is shown. Murli Sharma’s character losing patience with a middle-aged couple whose daughter has disappeared is another cleverly written installment.

For a movie that is sympathetic to its male lead’s plight (he suffers recurring panic attacks whenever he sees fire), ‘hit’ bungles his past. In an age of sequels and franchises, the hero’s past is reserved for the second ‘hit’ chapter, which we’re told will be released next year.

This would have been another ‘evaru’ if the climax had been flawless. it is far from it. an unlikely character’s motive for committing the crimes is somewhat implausible. humans don’t commit extreme crimes so unconsciously unless they’re insane. Plus, you can only take one part of mental illness in one movie. the hero is already mentally disturbed.

performances are apt. ruhani of ‘chi la sow’ fame, the performers portrayed as police officers, the familiar and unfamiliar faces – they’re all good. s manikandan’s cinematography is snappy.


Well executed and cleverly handled, ‘hit’ proves to be a serious thriller. The impeccable performances, especially from Vishwak Sen, and the high-level technical production make it charming. but this is far from a perfect thriller. without a gripping story and a thrilling climax, the movie lets you down a bit.

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