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Honsla Rakh review: This Diljit Dosanjh, Shehnaaz Gill-starrer is an out-and-out entertainer with excellent performances

Honsla rakh movie review

a comic family-focused plot, with a star, two stunning girls and a lovable and talented boy, it’s a perfect choice of script that provides the expected entertainment. Fortunately, Honsla Rakh makes the best use of the opportunity and exploits all four elements to the fullest, meeting the huge expectations, delivering a thoroughly entertaining film.

Directed by amarjit singh, it follows the typical format that starts with a song and then takes its own sweet time to introduce the premise and key characters. Little by little, the present and later history of the single father, Yenkey Singh (Diljit), and his son Honsla (Shinda Growal), after his divorce with Sweety (Shehnaaz Gill), are revealed.

This opening hour of the film builds gradually and isn’t entirely a laugh-out-loud riot, with enjoyable sequences appearing at regular intervals. but what keeps it going is the excellent chemistry between diljit and the bright kid shinda, ensuring smiles on our faces.

The scenery changes as Jasmine (sonam bajwa) makes a grand entrance just before intermission, lighting up the screen with her commanding presence. thus the second half becomes much better compared to diljit, shinda and sonam having a lot of fun until shehnaz returns in the climax resulting in chaotic entertainment. By the way, the climax is quite similar to the smeep kang movies made under mistaken identities.

despite becoming predictable along with routine song additions, honsla rakh works due to its engaging comedic narrative, well-written dialogue, and immensely enjoyable performances. Led by the youngest star, Shinda, the cast excels towards the end and the boy acts brilliantly, showing no signs of nervousness.

He wins hearts along with diljit, sonam, shehnaz, and the audience has a lot of fun, especially in the last 30 minutes of the movie which ends on a hilarious note. shinda being the son of gippy growal, it’s great to see a superstar pick the son of another punjabi movie superstar, spreading positive vibes in the trade.

On the downside, while sonam fans would miss her in the first half, shehnaz fans would feel the same when she disappears for a good chunk of the second half before the climax. that’s the way the director maintains a fine balance between the roles of two stunning beauties. All in all, Honsla Rakh might not be an exceptional and novel experience in terms of theme or presentation. still, the film knows its target audience and serves them perfectly as an entertaining family movie.

title: honsla rakh (punjabi)cast: diljit dosanjh, shehnaaz gill, sonam bajwa director: amarjit singh saronrating: 3.5 stars

Where: In theaters

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