How can i find out the name of a movie

How can i find out the name of a movie

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what’s my movie?

what’s my movie is a super accurate movie search site that can suggest a movie name by a scene or plot description, an incomplete title, and the names of the actors and directors. By “super accurate,” we mean the site can easily find a movie like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with the scant description “erasing memories.”

creepy? a little. Useful? hell yeah.

According to the site, the search engine was originally developed by the valossa technology company for arctic15, a start-up matchmaking conference.

The team sought to “introduce a new way to search for video content” by attempting to analyze data that cannot normally be parsed by machines, from scenes to themes, plots and dialogue.

The site now houses 40,000 titles in its library, including movie titles from the 1900s to the most recent releases.

however, don’t expect the site to be 100% up to date. after all, there’s a new movie coming out every week!

how to use

First, type everything you can remember from a movie into the search box. you can enter whatever you can remember of the movie’s title, its plot, its characters, or its actors. you can also try describing specific scenes or writing bits of dialogue.

once the site gives you its suggestions, you can refine your search by choosing title matches, actor matches, or director matches.

You can also help the site by letting it know if your suggestions are good or bad!

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Are there other ways to name a movie you don’t remember?


imdb, or the internet movie database, is a site that records just about everything about every movie that’s ever been released. the only problem is that imdb’s search engine is incredibly simple. You can search for an actor, director, or production company, but you’ll have to go through their page and go through the list of movies they’ve made to find the right one. If none of the titles sound familiar to you, you could be stuck clicking on each one for hours!

However, there is a trick that might work. Using this url, you can try to find a movie on imdb using google by entering short descriptions of the plot.

but remember to keep it simple! for example, if you want to find the movie in a quiet place, you’ll want to use keywords like “no sound”, “horror” and “deaf”. If you want to find someone great in the movie, you can use keywords like “netflix”, “break” and “new york”. and if you want to find the movie blade runner 2049, you can try the keywords “imax”, “future” and “cyberpunk”.

important advice

When all else fails, you can try posting a question on the imdb message boards. it’s full of transparent people who love to dissect and talk about movies.

search movies

Like the imdb message boards, filmfind is a community of movie lovers where a movie search query is answered by real people instead of a search engine or AI. the site functions as a forum where you can describe what a movie is about and wait for someone to give an answer, or volunteer to answer someone else’s query.

crazy about movies

If for some reason you know a movie’s release date but not its title, actors or director, you can head over to wild about movies, a site that ranks movies by year and then by date premiere. . While you’re unlikely to say “what was the name of that movie that came out in 2010?”, it’s still fun to go through each year on this site and make comparisons between the types of movies that were popular in certain years. p>

the internet movie browser

Internet Movie Browser is a movie database with a wide range of filters. you can insert movie titles, the names of actors and directors, release dates, and production companies into the search bar, and then refine your search by providing a range for release date and runtime, and by checking genres and countries . you can also sort the results based on critics’ scores.

While it’s not the easiest way to search for a movie whose title you don’t know, it’s good for comparing movie ratings and finding better rated movies.

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