How long can you rent a movie on youtube

How long can you rent a movie on youtube

Video How long can you rent a movie on youtube

youtube is one of the most chosen infotainment media. This electrifying video repository is stocked with millions of award-winning movies and shows that are available to buy or rent. Viewers often ask a question that once they buy or rent a youtube video, how long does it last? well, you must read the article to have an answer about how long you can rent a movie on youtube in 2022.

In addition to that, we will also cover topics such as how to buy or rent movies or TV shows on YouTube, once purchased or rented, where they are stored, and how to access these purchased videos.

So, without taking too much time, let’s go into more detail.

buy or rent videos on youtube:

YouTube offers its users the option to buy or rent any movie or TV show they like. unlike other platforms like netflix or amazon prime, when you buy any video on youtube you don’t need to pay the full amount of the subscription.

however, the only limitation you might have is your geographic location. the accessibility of movies and shows to buy or rent varies from country to country. For example, movies or shows that may be available in the US are unlikely to be available in Australia. Also, in the case of TV shows, you don’t have the option to rent them (Japan being the only exception to this), while you can buy the TV shows at any time.

How to buy or rent a movie or TV show:

As mentioned above, you can buy a movie or rent it on youtube, just follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Go to the website.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the movie or TV show you want to buy.
  • Click “buy or rent”
  • select the appropriate option.
  • now choose the preferred payment method and then click ok >.
  • a particular video will automatically appear in the list of purchased videos.

Now that you understand the process of buying or renting a movie/show, let’s learn more about what happens to these videos once you buy or rent them.

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How long and where is a purchased or rented movie or TV show?

as an answer to this question; the videos will be stored and will remain in the purchased videos for a specific time known as a blackout period.

Immediately after purchase, your video will be tagged to your account. you can access such purchased stuff from the purchased movies & shows the section logging in with youtube account credentials similar to the ones that the video brought.

How long is a video bought on youtube?

because once you buy or rent a video on youtube, it is stored in a digital locker. with no restriction on how many times you can watch that video, it will stay in the locker until the locker period expires. although different videos have different locker periods, in general cases this period would be five years from the date of purchase.

note: if the videos have been removed before the blocking period expires, you can request a refund by submitting a request in the prescribed manner.

How long is a rented video on youtube?

you must make it very clear that buying and renting a movie on youtube are two separate things. and how long you can rent a movie on youtube also varies accordingly. Although each video has both a rental and a purchase option, if you choose the rental option, you must comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • such movie will only be available during a specific rental period which will start as soon as you start watching it. It should be noted that the rental period differs from one video to another.
  • Before watching a rented movie, you must confirm it by pressing the “start rental period” button.

you can access rented movies on youtube at purchased movies & show the section. here you can see the list of all purchases as well as rented videos on youtube, just click on the video to start watching.

note: In the case of a rented video, you can request a refund or cancellation within seven days from the date of purchase. however, it is only possible if you haven’t started watching that particular movie.

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