How to control how much data Netflix uses

How many gb is a netflix movie

Netflix offers 4 data usage settings.

Data used per hour, per device:

  1. low: basic video quality, up to 0.3 gb

    medium: standard video quality, up to 0.7 gb

    high: best video quality:

    • standard definition: up to 1 gb

      high definition: up to 3gb

      ultra high definition (4k): up to 7gb

      auto: Automatically adjusts to provide the highest quality possible, based on the current speed of your internet connection.

      adjust your data usage settings

      You can have different data usage settings for each profile in your account. to change your settings:

      1. From a web browser, go to your account page.

        of the profile & parental controls, select a profile.

        go to playback settings and select change.

        select the data usage settings you want.

        select save.

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