How many parts of Dune will there be and has two been greenlit?

How many parts in the new dune movie

Video How many parts in the new dune movie

“Dreams are messages from the deep.”

dune is complicated. for some, it is a universe of which they have infinite knowledge; obsessive to the point where they could probably tell you how the spice in arrakis feels by sifting between their fingers. Instead, there will be others whose relationship with him began the second time Denis Villeneuve’s film appeared on the screen.

Serving as an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s influential novel of the same name, this all-star sci-fi epic is sure to prove divisive as more and more audiences flock to see it in the coming weeks.

You may have already seen viewers complain that it feels incomplete, but a good comparison is Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

at the end of the fellowship of the ring, there are many more miles of middle earth to walk. in fact, at the end of the dune, there is still much more story to tell.

It’s titled ‘dune: part one’, which will no doubt have the masses thinking “well, how many dune parts are we talking about here?” well, let’s explain…

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When does Dune come out on HBO Max

Dune 2020 / Warner Bros.

How many parts of Dune will there be?

denis villeneuve plans to have dune in two parts, so audiences can look forward to one more blockbuster to round out this epic story of galactic conflict.

The variety notes that writing on part two was underway in September, and as a result, Denis only agreed to come on board as director if Warner Bros. and legendary allowed him to split the powerful novel into two films.

they agreed and now we’re left anxiously awaiting the final chapter.

In a conversation with entertainment weekly, the 54-year-old French-Canadian filmmaker revealed that it was incredibly difficult to know where to end the first part:

“the book is so dense. it is a story that takes its strength from the details… the question was, when do we stop the first part? That took a while, sculpting the ending to make sure the audience felt like they’d been through a whole journey, a whole arc for Paul Atreides, but at the same time felt like there was something else afterward.”

For those unfamiliar with the novel, it will be interesting to find out where Paul’s path ends. however, there is one very important question to address first…

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Dune: part two has been officially greenlit?

yes, warner bros. and Legendary have officially greenlit a sequel and the deadline includes that it will be given a theatrical window in October 2023.

Since the sequel would require a significant budget, the financial success of the first film was ultimately imperative and it was reported after its opening weekend that it had reached a worldwide gross of over $200 million.


when denis was talking to the variety, he actually said that he wanted to shoot both parts one after the other: “at first i wanted to do both parts simultaneously. for various reasons, it didn’t happen, and i accepted the challenge to do the first part and then wait to see if the movie sounds enthusiastic enough.”

added: “While I was doing the first part, I really put all my passion into it, in case it was the only one. but I’m optimistic.”

His optimism was clearly well placed.

“waiting for the headline…”

For the audience, it was safe to say that the excitement for a possible sequel was already there.

Several fans have praised the movie on twitter and it seems that the wait for the big news began the moment the credits began to roll. take a look at a selection of tweets:

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