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redbox is currently the leading video game and dvd rental company in the united states. Its main model centers around ATMs – ‘kiosks’ – placed in thousands of convenient locations that have the latest DVDs and video games ready to rent at any time. As of September 2016, Redbox controls over 51% of the physical rental market share. One of the reasons this is the case is due to its attractive low prices.

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redbox story

Redbox Logo

redbox’s origins date back to 2002, when redboxautomated retail llc was first funded by mcdonald’s corporation. surprisingly, the kiosks first offered movie rentals, as well as various grocery items, including eggs, milk, and sandwiches. To begin with, there were four (4) grocery kiosks and eleven (11) DVD rental kiosks, all located around the Washington metropolitan area.

Consumers weren’t too interested in buying their food from a kiosk, so redbox quickly pulled them within a year of opening. DVDs, on the other hand, proved to be a hit. such success, that they entered fully into the movie rental market.

Between 2005 and 2009, Coinstar made a series of purchases that ended in full control and ownership of Redbox from McDonald’s. In total, Coinstar paid around $200 million for the record rental company. a series of critical milestones soon followed:

  • 2007: Surpassed the blockbuster in total number of locations
  • 2008: Rented a cumulative total of 100 million records
  • 2010: Rented a cumulative total of 1,000 million discs
  • 2010: Blu-ray Discs added to newsstands
  • 2011: Video game rentals added to newsstands
  • 2011: 68% of the usa population 5 minute drive to a redbox kiosk
  • 2013: Redbox owns over 50% of all record rentals in the US
  • 2013: Rented a cumulative total of 3 billion discs
  • 2016: rented a cumulative total of 5 billion discs

as you can see, redbox is the largest dvd and video game rental company in the united states. One of those factors that can be accurately represented to have helped along the way is the low prices they offer. Why pay the full cost of a DVD if you’re only going to watch it once? why not rent it on redbox for 10% of the cost?

redbox has attempted to expand into international markets such as Canada, but was forced to retreat to its homeland citing low customer demand as a reason.

Today, Redbox is owned by Apollo Global Management after its purchase of Outsidewall for a whopping $895 million. The purchase was not just for redbox, however it also includes the coinstar and ecoatm businesses.

Many today wonder if the future for redbox and its position in the physical rental market is bright or bleak. how will they position themselves with the constant shift towards fully virtual transactions? will redbox exist in 10 years? we’ll have to wait and see.


in 2009, 20th century fox, warner bros. And Universal Studios suddenly changed their deal with Redbox and refused to sell DVDs to them until at least 28 days after they were available for sale in stores. They believed that Redbox’s growth was hampering their own profits in the DVD sales department.

redbox was quick to file lawsuits alleging copyright abuse, tortious interference, and antitrust claims by the three companies. the first two claims were quickly dismissed by the judge, but the third was granted permission to be heard. however, to prove the anti-trista claims, redbox had to provide evidence of nationwide collusion between the three companies showing that they were working together as a cartel.

In the end, Redbox settled with the film companies, settling their filed lawsuits and agreeing not to release movies for sale until after 28 days of being in stores. You can find details about the deal with Warner Bros. here.

play pass

play pass is redbox’s version of a kind of loyalty/rewards program for their customers. In its simplest form, for every rental you pay, you’ll earn 10 points on your game pass card. once you have 100 points, you’ll have enough to take home a free movie or video game for one night.

Redbox Play Pass Info

That’s not all, you’ll also receive some surprise prizes along the way, like:

  • free one night rental on your birthday
  • free one night rental on the anniversary of your play pass subscription
  • numerous other special rewards not listed in the list (that’s what makes them special!)

Please note that points expire 60 days after they are earned, unlike many other programs where points only expire after 365 days. therefore, to be eligible for free rent, you will need to pay the standard rental price in the table above at least 10 times in two months.

There are a number of other terms and conditions, which you can read about on the play pass information page.

previous prices

redbox has been able to keep its prices low simply because of the dominant control it has over market share in the country (higher transaction volume = lower margins). in the 15 year history of the company, they have only increased their rental prices on two (2) occasions. once in 2011 and again in 2014.

here is a timeline of redbox rental price history:

  • 2002 – 2009
    • dvds – $1
    • blu-ray – n/a
    • video games – n/a
    • dvds – $1
    • blu-ray – $1.50
    • video games – $2.00
    • dvds – $1.20
    • blu-ray – $1.50
    • video games – $2.00
    • dvds – $1.50
    • blu-ray – $2.00
    • video games – $3.00

    We are not sure if we will continue to see price increases in the coming years or if redbox will vary its pricing structure.

    fun facts

    busy bodies

    2010 was one of redbox’s busiest years, opening a new kiosk every hour on average.

    most popular

    paul blart: mall cop (2009) was the first film to reach the 1 million rental milestone.

    kiosk capacity

    In each of the redbox kiosks, there are around 700 discs of the latest movies and video games.


    As of the end of 2016, Redbox has rented more than 5 billion discs and currently maintains more than 35,000 kiosks in the United States.


    As you can see, redbox has become a force to be reckoned with in an extremely short period of time of 15 years. One of the main factors behind their exponential growth has been the ultra-low prices at which they can rent discs to consumers.

    With only two price increases in the last 15 years, moviegoers can still rent a first-run movie on Redbox for less than $2 a night. and video games from $3/night.

    However, the industry is changing and more and more renters are turning to online streaming services. Will redbox make the risky move of raising prices to maintain their profits or keep them level to try to retain customers? a better decision to leave for their management.

    for more information about redbox, please visit their official website.

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