How Much Does Denzel Washington Make Per Movie?

How much does denzel washington make per movie

Video How much does denzel washington make per movie

let’s get one thing straight, everyone’s favorite hollywood star denzel washington is an incredibly wealthy man, and with a net worth believed to be around $250 million, there’s no question about it. However, like so many other colleagues from Washington, the actor’s fortune derives from the long list of blockbusters he starred in throughout his prestigious career, but how much does the star earn per film?

every year, denzel washington earns between $60-$80 million and, depending on the production, the actor can earn around $20 million, more or less, per film. In total, his films are said to have grossed more than $3.7 billion and, in 2017, it was revealed that he had earned 290 million dollars . strong> since 2003.

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Ultimately, it’s no surprise that the seasoned Hollywood veteran earns a fortune every time he graces the big-screen, Washington is a certified star who has just about aced every film he’s ever been in. But, while it’s straight forward to say that the star has got it pretty easy, it’s worth remembering that Washington had a far tougher time achieving success than many know, and his success is a reflection of his grit, integrity, and strength of character.

the early years

Born in mount vernon, new york, in 1954, washington was just a young man when his parents decided to divorce. After his parents separated, Washington, 14, was sent to the Oakland Military Academy in New Windsor.

while that particular school experience sounds difficult, washington often cites his tenure at the academy as a clearly life-changing experience. once, the actor even said: “that decision changed my life, because I would not have survived in the direction that I was going.

“The guys I was dating at the time, my career partners, have now spent maybe 40 years combined in the penitentiary. They were good guys, but the streets caught up with them.”

After his time in the academy, Washington attended Fordham University and while getting involved in the college basketball scene, the young man struggled to find an academic niche for himself and even considered “flunking out”.

Ultimately, it was a combination of another positive experience working at a YMCA summer camp and a prophecy from a woman named Ruth Green in her mother’s living room that convinced Washington to pursue a career in the performing arts. . In light of both events, Washington began studying theater and, in 1977, the young man graduated with a degree in theater and journalism.

reflecting on his upbringing, washington said, “i found my niche…acting was fun and people told me i was good at it. also, in the back of my head, was what ruth green had said. maybe acting was what he was talking about. It was where I belonged.”

on the big screen

Although Washington had already appeared in several stage shows, in 1977, the young actor also appeared in his first television movie, ‘Wilma.’ Documenting the life of track sprinter Wilma Rudolph, the film was not a success, but it did act as a springboard for Washington as she pursued his big break.

Other low-key appearances included roles in ‘Flesh and Blood’, ‘Carbon Copy’ and ‘A Soldier’s Story’.

However, Washington was not destined to languish in smaller productions forever, and in 1982, he landed a role in the television medical drama ‘st. somewhere else’, where he played dr. phillip chandler for the life of the show.

washington was widely praised for his exploits on the show, and before long, the actor landed starring roles in big productions like ‘glory,’ ‘philadelphia,’ and ‘the pelican brief.’

his powerful performance as a private soldier. The ride in ‘Glory’ earned the actor his first Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, while his performance in 2001 in ‘Training Day’ earned him his first Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. It is worth mentioning that Washington also received several Oscar nominations for his contributions to the profession.

so, at the dawn of the new century, washington had already achieved things that many actors, like leonardo dicaprio, can pursue throughout their careers.

new century, same energy

After going all out in a string of big-budget roles in movies like ‘American Gangster,’ ‘The Book of Eli,’ and ‘The Equalizer,’ Washington gradually began to turn his attention to producing and directing his own movie. movies.

The 2017 Washington period drama ‘Fences’ earned an Oscar nomination for its exploration of racism in American society. the film was so successful that one critic said, “the billboard performances are so emotionally raw that we walk away feeling exhausted.”

Clearly a man of many talents, Washington seems as capable of making movies as he is of starring in them.

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