What Part of the Dune Book Does the New 2021 Movie Cover?

How much does the dune movie cover

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The new movie Dune is based on Frank Herbert’s first Dune novel. but how far does the first dune movie 2021 go to the first novel, which is also simply called “dune”? here are the details.

the movie goes to the middle of the first book

It’s been decades since I’ve read the dune books and while I thoroughly enjoyed them, I don’t remember many plot details anymore. so I reached out to book readers on reddit for the details of how far the opening book of the first movie goes.

On reddit, citizen_graves revealed that the first part of dune covers the first of the three parts of the original novel. The first novel is dense at around 600 pages, so there are quite a few plot points and scenes left out in the movie, even though it only covers part of the book already.

citizen_graves wrote: “any details that are not essential to the overall plot are glossed over in the film, adding more mystery to the world depicted in the film, and I think non-readers will go and see the book after seeing the movie.”

new characters and scenes were also added for the film, citizen_graves continued, writing: “not only does the film omit information or gloss over details, there are parts of the story, scenes and characters from the book that were interrupted or even left out entirely outside of the movie. At the same time, new sets and scenes were created for the movie.”

It is worth noting that quite a few readers believe that the film covers more than half of the first novel rather than just the first of three parts. redditor maximedhiver wrote: “it covers more than half of part 2 as well, though it leaves out the side stories about what happens to gurney and thufir.”

and den of geek noted that the film covers roughly the first 320 pages of the author’s 560-page book.

how to get the dune books

Dune books are pretty easy to get your hands on, if you’re interested in reading them now that you’ve seen the first movie. (or if you want to read them before watching the first movie!)

Note that there are 21 dune books in total. here’s how to read them in order, based on information shared by esquire. Please note that these are Amazon affiliate links, so this website will earn commission on sales.

  • dune by frank herbert
  • dune messiah
  • sons of dune
  • god emperor of dune
  • heretics of dune
  • chapterhouse: dune (this was all I got to read years ago, since this was the last book by frank herbert himself)
  • house atreides (This is from Brian Herbert, Frank’s son, and Kevin J. Anderson.) this is a prelude to frank’s books.
  • house harkonnen
  • house corinno
  • the butlerian jihad (brian herbert & kevin j. anderson, written at from frank’s notes, and the beginning of a new trilogy and talks about the wars ai)
  • the crusade of the machines (part 2 of the trilogy)
  • the battle of corrin (part 3 of the trilogy)
  • hunters of dune (brian herbert & kevin j. anderson, a two-volume series that concludes frank’s original novels using a schematic he hid in a safe deposit box )
  • sandworms of dune (brian herbert & kevin j. anderson, part two of the two-part series)
  • paul of dune (brian herbert & kevin j. anderson, a new spin-off series that takes place between dune and dune messiah )
  • the winds of dune (brian & kevin again, second part of the new spin-off)
  • brotherhood of dune ( brian & kevin again – this is probably what the new hbo series max will be based on and is the first of a trilogy, which takes place after the battle of co rrin)
  • mentats of dune (brian & kevin, part 2)
  • dune navigators (brian and kevin, part 3)
  • the duke of caladan (brian and kevin, a new trilogy, a prequel about paul)
  • lady of caladan (prequel about jessica)

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