What is 4DX? PVR 4DX Features, Seating, Pricing Explained

How much is a 4dx movie ticket

Video How much is a 4dx movie ticket

when clicking “book tickets” on bookmyshow, you would have been met with the following pop-up window asking you to select the language and format you want to watch the movie in.

To be sure, you will always see 2D as an option. 3D also appears frequently, although not as frequently as 2D. However, it is rare to see 4DX in the options. Obviously, languages options depend on whether the movies have been dubbed in multiple languages. However, what is 4DX movie exactly? Let us find out its meaning, features, seating, pricing and much more.

by the way, looking at the snapshot above, if you’re wondering what mx4d is, we’ve got a detailed article published about it. give it a reading. back to 4dx…

what is 4dx theater?

4dx is a cinema technology developed by a south korean cinema chain, cj 4dplex, a subsidiary of cgv. It’s based on next-generation four-dimensional technology that goes beyond screen and sound-based effects to give viewers a super-immersive movie-watching experience.

so what does it include? it works with what are called “practical effects”, i.e. movement in the seats, simulated snow/rain/fog, smells, lightning, wind, etc. 4dx movies are combined with 3d (with glasses) or 2d (without glasses).

CJ had introduced this technology commercially in 2009. Therefore, the technology is more than a decade old. has licensed this technology to nearly every major movie theater chain in the world. Currently, it is present in more than 60 countries and around 700 theaters. in india, pvr and cinepolis have authorized this.

4dx theater features

The general idea behind the creation of this technology is to make viewers feel like they are actually part of the plot. therefore, a 4dx theater has the following characteristics:

  1. movable seats (up and down; left and right; forward and backward)
  2. leg tingling
  3. back vibration
  4. air on face
  5. water spray
  6. aroma
  7. bubble
  8. fog
  9. wind
  10. rain</li
  11. lightning

watch the video below to understand how all these features are activated in a 4dx movie:

4dx movies can be combined with 3d if the movie is compatible and can be viewed with glasses. otherwise the movies can also be seen in 2d.

what is the seating capacity in a 4dx theater?

A typical 4dx theater has approximately 75 seats. 4 seats combined make a block as you would have seen in the video above. the seats are divided into 6 to 7 rows and two sections. one that is closer to the screen and one that is a little further away.

how much does a 4dx ticket cost?

a 4dx cinema ticket costs about twice as much as a normal ticket, i.e. the price per ticket is around 400-450 rupees.

what is the difference between 4dx and mx4d?

Honestly, there is no difference between the two. the features, the seating capacity in a movie theater, the ticket price is basically the same. people have written online that 4dx feels more like a ride and thus provided a better, immersive experience. however, in the absence of anything concrete, it’s best to try both 4dx and mx4d and decide which is better.

how many 4dx cinemas are there in india?

as of now, there are total 14 4dx cinemas in india. 9 from pvr and 5 from cinepolis.

the 9 pvr screens are in 9 different cities namely mumbai, chennai, hyderabad, bengaluru, kochi, gurgaon, ahmedabad, noida and indore.

while the 5 cinepolis screens are in thane, navi mumbai, saket and delhi.

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