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How much is movie theatre popcorn

Video How much is movie theatre popcorn

welcome to amc! Now that you’re here, the smell of freshly popped popcorn can be so tempting that you just give up. Trust us, we know how persuasive the divine smell of movie popcorn is.

so you’ll want to make sure you bring enough money to pay for it. That’s why we created this page. all the amc food prices we could find. prices were last updated in January 2022.

Overflowing Popcorn

here is an amc theater concession price list:







Please note that not all foods are available at all locations.

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As amc is one of the most popular movie theater chains in the world, and is now also the largest chain with the most locations and theaters in the world, it’s only natural that many people wonder how much their famous popcorn costs? corn. costs too.

so we created this page to answer some questions you may have.

As you’ve seen in the table above, AMC offers a variety of concessions at each of its movie locations, with a focus on keeping basic movie snacks available at all times.

Their food prices are updated regularly and have been taken directly from their website, as well as from a number of reports we have received from visitors.

If you are charged a different price than the one in the table, let us know and we will solve it as soon as possible. you will be helping many people asking the same question.

amc dine-in theaters

If you’re lucky enough to live in a location close to a specific AMC theater, you may be in for something beyond the usual movie concessions.

AMC Cinemas Dine In Menu

At select locations you can find here, several amcs offer full-service dining for on-site dining with push-button, sit-down service.

What this means is that you can simply sit in front of the screen, press a button on the side of your seat, and a waiter will be with you shortly to take your order and return it to you. pretty luxurious if you ask us!

Their dining service offers a wide variety of meals, including the following:

  • a variety of burgers such as cali chicken, royal, ranch, quinoa veggie, all for $12.
  • chopped chicken and cobb caesar salad for $12.
  • southern style chicken pieces, fish & amp; fries, crispy shrimp or quesadillas, all for $16.

and much more. Specific locations also included alcoholic options from their licensed bar on the premises.

You can see their full menu here:

  • amc dinner menu – spring
  • amc dinner menu – fall

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