Tom Cruise&039s Net Worth, Salary, and Pay Per Movie

How much tom cruise get paid per movie

tom cruise has been famous for most of our lives, so yes: the guy is rich. and not just a normal rich ~celebrity millionaire~. Tom is worth more than half a billion dollars thanks to his long career as a permanent member. this man has been in some of the biggest blockbuster movies in history, which is his main source of income since he’s obviously not here doing spon-con. let’s go film by film and ramble vaguely on the richness of it, shall we?

tom cruise movie earnings

credit celebrity net worth for this really wild info, and note that we’re going to break mission impossible movies into their own category because tom’s earnings on them are bananas.

risky business (1983)

$75,000 (note: this was tom’s breakout role, so his salary was on the low end for a breakout.)

legend (1985)


top gun (1986)

2 million dollars

cocktail (1988)

3 million dollars

days of thunder (1990)

9 million dollars

far away (1992)

13 million dollars

some good men (1992)

12 million dollars

the signature (1993)

12 million dollars

interview with the vampire (1994)

15 million dollars

what did tom cruise do for mission impossible?

You’re just not ready. Tom made $70 million for the first Mission: Impossible movie and $75 million for Mission: Impossible 3, mostly thanks to producer credits. But his most profitable movie is sandwiched between them: Mission: Impossible 2. Tom apparently made $100 million for this movie thanks to back-end deals, and he made the same for 2005’s War of the Worlds.

by the way, here are some of tom’s thoughts for forbes on all those sequels:

great but speaking of sequels…

what did tom cruise do for top gun: maverick?

You’re just not ready. Variety initially reported that Tom made $13 million upfront for the film, but noted that he expected to make millions more on the back end. which, lol, he certainly did. So far, Tom has reportedly made $100 million from a combination of his starting salary and ticket sales, and that’s expected to rise once rentals and streaming revenue come into play.

FYI, he’s negotiated this same deal for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movies: $12 to $14 million up front, with a lot more expected on the back end.

his total career earnings between 1983 and 2019?

It would be about 745 million dollars. Furthermore, according to Cinemablend, he earns $7,091 per word of dialogue. no wonder forbes has listed him as one of the richest actors in the world 😵‍💫.

how much do you pay in child support?

if you want to be extremely nosy, yes: there are details about tom cruise and katie holmes financial agreement to go over! In 2012, TMZ reported that Tom was to pay Katie $400,000 a year in child support until their daughter Suri turns 18 (which ends up being a total of $4.8 million…literally a small drop in Tom’s net worth). ). Katie didn’t get spousal support, but Tom agreed to pay Suri’s “medical, dental, insurance, education, college, and extracurricular costs.”

tom cruise real estate is worth a fortune

Like Scott Disick from the critically acclaimed film Flip It Like a Disick, Tom Cruise buys and sells a lot of houses. He’s traded a ton of properties over the years, but the most recent was a tellurium home that Forbes reported sold for $39.5 million. he filmed a famous oprah interview in this house, and there’s an extremely blurry video of the house visit for us to watch together, yeah :

what is tom cruise’s total net worth?

According to celebrity net worth, it’s $600 million, and considering their average salary is $50 million a year, expect it to keep going up!

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