How old is harry potter in the last movie

How old is harry potter in the last movie

When it comes to the age of Harry Potter in the movies, it’s a curious fact to witness.

For one thing, people know that their age increases by a year for each school year.

on the other hand, movies themselves are not created every year.

This boggles the mind a bit, as the actor obviously aged quite a bit during that time period, especially considering how quickly children grow.

If you’re from across the pond and unfamiliar with the UK school system, students typically spend the full seven years in one school.

This is also how it is divided in the fictional film and in the book series. It is not divided into three and four years as in the United States.

There are some exceptions to this if you are interested.

how old is harry potter in each movie:

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: 11 years old
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 12 years old
  • harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban: 13 years old
  • harry potter and the goblet of fire: 14 years old
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 15 years old
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 16 years old
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 & part 2: 17 years old

the age of harry potter in each movie

Before moving on to the magical genie era of each movie, we’ll go over a summary of each so you have enough context to process the information.

You can even reflect on your own time during school, especially if you remember when the original fictional movie series or even the book series premiered.

read more below if you are curious about this topic.

harry potter and the philosopher’s stone

This is the first story in the series where the main character first learns some of his innate abilities after living alone in his uncle’s house for so long.

It’s also the setting where he has his first encounter with the villain from the main series.

This particular movie is about trying to find the mythical Philosopher’s Stone and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Our little wizard’s age during this phase of the story is from eleven years old to twelve.

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This is the year that any aspiring witch or wizard, even those from wizarding families, first go to learn magic at school.

Although not stated, it is likely that all students went to a “normal school” before this age.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

As the second installment in the series, this is also our main protagonist’s second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He made some friends in the previous installment and is just getting used to life in the wizarding world and its social order.

While he doesn’t directly deal with the main antagonist, he is still involved through a deep secrecy in the school.

When this story took place, it is the second year we learn about the main wannabe wizard, and he is between twelve and thirteen years old.

How Old Is Harry Potter In Each Movie

This means he’s in seventh grade and starting to age as he learns more about who he is and what he can do.

The same can be said for your classmates.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This third film in the series is about the escape from prison of someone very close to the little wizard but whom he has not yet met.

In fact, this prisoner’s reputation leads people to believe that he really wants to kill Harry.

involves the main character and his friends secretly wandering around the school, through various hidden corridors and rooms.

since it’s our main character’s third year in school, he’s thirteen and turning fourteen.

Since her birthday is shortly before the start of the school year, she changes this age around the beginning of the story.

harry potter and the goblet of fire

In this movie, the fourth, the top aspiring wizard takes part in a huge competition between three different magical schools. Instead of moving on to a different school, he stays at the same Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for another four years, or at least that’s to be expected.

Secretly, he suspects a plot but doesn’t quite know what will happen in the end.

This is when the main character turns fourteen and is about to turn fifteen, which is the age that high school students enter freshman year in the United States.

starts to learn more about the world of wizardry and delves into more advanced topics.

also develops quite a few new relationships.

harry potter and the order of the phoenix

The fifth year movie is when the story really starts to get interesting.

With danger just around the corner, a team of elite wizards and witches come together to prevent a global disaster in the normal and wizarding worlds.

each successive movie seems to have a deeper plot and an interesting cast of characters.

The little magician is no longer so little and turns fifteen years old passing sixteen.

This time around, her workload is much heavier, consisting of schoolwork and dealing with the real world.

harry potter and the half blood prince

This is the sixth movie and it’s also when the series takes a bit of a darker turn, but not too much as it still focuses on a children’s story.

involves the mystery of the Half-Blood Prince’s identity and morality.

without spoiling any of the details, there’s a lot of alchemy in this one.

In this installment, Harry is sixteen and turning seventeen.

Nearly all high school students are young at this age, looking for where they will go next when it comes to college and career.

In England, some people go to university at this age.

harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 1 & part 2

finally, the last book had been so big that it was actually split into two movies.

This is Harry’s seventh and final year of what was supposed to be a full study at Hogwarts.

with so many enemies abound, this is not the case.

These two movies contain some of the biggest adventures in the series as they take place in multiple locations.

Our sensational magician in both movies is seventeen and eighteen.

Note, as in all movies, that his birthday is shortly after the start of the movie.

so in the case of the first movie, he’s sixteen briefly, and in the second movie he’s seventeen for the entire movie.


That was a list of all the corresponding movies and books along with the age of Harry Potter during that point in history.

Pointing this out makes it clear how old he actually is, as it doesn’t correspond to how old the actor is and how he seems to age rapidly with each consecutive movie.

This is the nature of how movies are made and how long they take. After all, actors don’t stay young forever.

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