How to add a transition in windows movie maker

How to add a transition in windows movie maker

If you want to make the videos you play on your computers a little more interesting, you can add transitions in windows movie maker. it’s a very easy and seamless process that you can literally complete in a few minutes, you just need to understand how to do it.

as long as you can add transitions in windows movie maker; there are some disadvantages of the program which include:

  • has deprecated styling.
  • transitions are few and not that interesting.
  • there is limited movement.

So instead of wasting your time with these few boring transitions, you should give wondershare filmora a try for the following reasons:

  • the program offers more than 130 transitions that are based on a series of themes such as fashion or games.

Multiple transitions in Wondershare Filmora

Set transitions in Wondershare Filmora

how to add transitions in windows movie maker

windows movie maker has made it possible to easily edit videos on your computer to make them more interesting. By learning how to add transitions in Windows Movie Maker, you can achieve heavily edited videos instead of the simple ones you may have. transitions can help create flow from one clip to another or just make the existing one more interesting. they are usually in animated form, hence their ability to create great visual effects in a few easy steps.

step 1

start the movie maker and go to video tools where you should see the “animations” option. when you click on that option, you will see a variety of different transitions to choose from.

Add transitions in Windows Movie Maker

step 2

to add transitions in windows movie maker, just place the vertical line where you want the transition to appear, it can be in the middle of a video or between one video and another. then you can choose the transition you want to use; to preview, just hover your mouse cursor over the transition.

Find the transition you like and just click it, then it will be applied to your video. you can check the detailed information by hovering the mouse over the little transition icon:

Check Transition Info

step 3

For you to choose how long you want the transition to run, simply go to “duration” and click on it to set the duration you want it to run.

Adjust Transition Duration

Step 4 – After you’ve chosen all the clips you’d like to have transitions in, save the project and you can click on the videos to see if they play back the way you envisioned them.

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