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How to criticize a movie

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How to write a film review essay? To answer this question, you need to clearly understand what a film review is. it can easily be mistaken for a movie review. Both types of paper can become your school or college assignments. however, they are different. a review of the film reveals a personal impression of the viewer. a film review, in turn, aims to discuss the film’s means of production and give advice on what could be changed to improve the film.

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This article from the experts at contains helpful tips on how to critique a movie and a great example of film criticism. keep reading to learn more!

🎬 how to review a movie: the basics

Writing a movie review means offering your perspective and opinion on what was good and not so good about the movie and what made it interesting to watch. there is always something you like about the movie and something you don’t. you can consider that the plot was good, but the special effects were horrible. think of all possible stages of film production and try to look at them critically.

how to criticize a movie: general guidelines

criticizing does not mean expressing negative emotions. too much pessimism will kill the reader’s desire to become closely acquainted with her writing. even though the movie could be a real flop, try to present a sophisticated evaluation.

⚙️ film criticism: key elements of any film

Any film has several elements that you should mention when writing your film review article. Below in this section you will find descriptions of these elements and helpful tips for analyzing them in your work.

The key elements of any film are: plot, structure, characters, dialogues, and scenes.

How to Critique a Film’s Plot

The plot is the flow of events and actions that consequently unfold in a story. To discuss the plot of the movie in your movie review, you should do the following:

how to criticize the structure of a film

the structure of the film is how the parts relate to each other or how the plot is built. remember that the structure includes the following parts:

how to criticize the characters in the movie

characterization is the description of personalities, beliefs, motivations, etc. Of the characters. To analyze the characterization of the film in your film review, you must do the following:

how to criticize the film’s dialogue

a dialogue is a conversation between two or more characters. To analyze the dialogue in your movie review, do the following:

how to criticize movie scenes

A scene is a self-contained episode within a larger work. To discuss the scenes in your movie review, you must do the following:

🧱 summary of the film review

The general structure of a film review resembles the structure of an essay.

Check your work to remove factual and spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. a good structure is a foundation and a necessary condition for successful work.

💡 Top phrases to use when writing a movie review

Now that you know all the essentials of the structure of a film review, it’s time to consider how to present your information in the most digestible and impressive way. A list of common phrases and established expressions in your movie review writing will make your content more engaging, diverse, and easier to read.

give your opinion on the topic and analyze the film instead of just summarizing the content. use persuasive words that would be helpful and appropriate for your readers.

movie genre

producer, director

actors, characters

movie plot

evaluation, evaluation

👀 examples of film criticism

Below is a downloadable example of a movie review. other samples can be found here:

example of film criticism: hitchcock’s north by northwest

Now you can confidently say you know how to write a movie review and you even have a whole list of useful vocabulary to include. We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and that your next movie review article is a success. . Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful articles!

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