How to Download Movies From Google Play on Android, iPhone, or iPad

How to download google play movie

  • you can download movies from google play on your android, iphone or ipad.
  • the google play app does not allow in-app purchases for ios or ipados users, so you will have to buy or rent your movie using a browser first, then you can download it with the app.
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google play app for android, ios and ipad allows users to watch downloaded movies and tv shows in your library for offline viewing.

however, the google play app does not allow in-app purchases for iphone or ipad users; This means that you will first need to purchase or rent the title you want to download to your iOS device using a web browser.

Here is how to download movies from google play on android, ios or ipados devices.

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how to download movies from google play on android, iphone or ipad

1. Start the google play app or download it from the app store.

2. sign in with your google credentials.

3. In the upper left corner, select the three horizontal lines to access the google play menu.

4. From the menu, select My Library.

6. To download and view offline, select the download icon at the bottom right of the title’s featured photo. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. If you don’t see the download icon, you may have downloaded the title on another device. google play only allows you to download a rented title on one device (if you bought it, you can download it on five devices). be sure to remove a rented title from the other device before continuing.

7. The movie or TV show will begin downloading. When it’s done, the download icon will appear pink with a check mark in the middle.

for android users, downloaded titles can be found by going to the menu > settings > manage downloads.

for ios or ipados devices, downloaded movies or tv shows can be found by going to the menu > just downloaded.

The movie is downloaded when the icon is pink and has a check mark.

how to rent or buy movies from google play on an iphone or ipad

Before you can download a movie or TV show to your iPhone or iPad using the Google Play app, make sure you purchase, rent, or purchase the movie in a web browser from first .

the google play app for apple does not allow in-app purchases, so you will simply have to access the site through a browser.

once you’ve purchased your movie, you can follow the same steps for android devices above to download it to your iphone or ipad.

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