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How to download movie hd

looks like you’re looking for an hd movie, right? I have uploaded several builds of this application. you can find download links below.

I suggest you read this article until you find the download links to install movie hd on your device without any errors. let’s get started.

why hd movie?

Searching for new movies on the internet is a pain. isn’t it?

We present you movie hd, now forget about the hassle of downloading movies from the internet. movie hd app is an amazing app.

This application allows users to watch and download their favorite movies and TV shows. is an app for everyone to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows.

movie hd is under continuous development. the contents are updated daily. therefore, new movies & TV shows every day.

you can watch almost all the movies. this app has a huge library from latest movies to g(old) movies. this app contains more than 50000 movies and tv shows. HD movies and TV shows are available in different qualities (360p, 720p, 1080p, 4k and 3d).

In addition, you can also watch all the TV series. this app is fantastic, fast and easy to use, and last but not least don’t forget that it’s small.


  • no registration required
  • easy to use
  • new movies every day
  • search, download, bookmark
  • 360p, 720p, 1080p streaming quality and fast streaming
  • subtitle search online

download movie hd apk

movie hd

note: sign in to movie hd with your google account on android devices. you will need hd movie activation code only for fire tv and android tv to continue watching movies with this app, or you will get no connection error.

how to install movie hd apk on android devices?

  1. download the above apk file and amplayer apk.
  2. on your android smartphone, enable app installation by checking settings</b > security > check unknown sources.
  3. Install the hd movie you downloaded in @step 1.
  4. Run the app and start streaming.

hd movies installation guide for more devices

hd movie for amazon fire stick and fire tv

Follow below steps to run movie hd apk on amazon fire stick and fire tv. the hack shared earlier in this post was long and difficult, so I updated it in a shorter and more efficient way.

install movie hd on fire stick/fire tv with android phone-

Step 1: Enable adb debugging and installation of apps from unknown sources on your fire tv and fire tv stick.

  1. Power up your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and navigate your way to Settings > Device. Set the options for ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources to ON. movie hd firetv stick
  2. Now Navigate your way to device> About > Network. You’ll see the IP Address of your Fire Stick listed in the right-hand column. Pen it down; we will use this later. movie hd firetv stick

step 2: install shooting apps on your android phone

  1. Download Apps2Fire App and Install it on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Download Movie HD APK From the Links above and Install it on your Android smartphone.
  3. Run Apps2Fire and Navigate your way to Settings Tab; put the IP Address of your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.
  4. Swipe Across Local Apps and Select Movie HD and Click on Install. apps2fire apk
  5. Once the app upload finishes, you will see Notification, which says “Movie HD installed” on your Fire Tv or Fire Tv Stick.

install movie hd on fire tv stick/fire tv with pc (windows, linux and mac)-

In this method, we will use adb tools to install movie hd on amazon fire tv and fire tv stick.


  • your computer and fire tv stick must be connected to the same network.
  • download the movie hd app on your computer (download links above).
  • computer with an active installation of adb tools installed (download links below).
  1. download the adb tools for the platform you are using. windows, linux, macintosh
  2. now when we have adb tools installed we can start the movie hd installation process. start the promote command on windows (press win+r, then type cmd in the run box and press enter) or terminal on mac and linux.
  3. now we need to change the root directory to the location where adb tools installed, do this by typing cd [path to platform-tools folder].
  4. now type adb connect [ip address] , mac and linux users will need to add ./ before the command. If you don’t remember the ip address of your fire tv and fire tv stick, navigate to the device> about > network. You will see the ip address of your fire stick in the right column. for me it would be adb connect mac and linux users ./adb connect
  5. finally install movie hd Enter this last command and you will successfully install this app on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. adb install [path to movie hd.apk].

hd movie for chrome cast

Watching movies and TV shows on chrome cast would add extra entertainment for users, but chrome cast does not support app installation. we will stream movies from movie hd to chrome cast with the help of an app.

so here’s how to do it-

  1. download and install allcast or localcast.
  2. download the movie you want to stream to chromecast.
  3. open allcast or localcast, whichever you download and select the movie, then broadcast will start.

hd movie for blackberry

yes, movie hd is available for blackberry devices. blackberry os is based on android; Therefore, blackberry users can also download it on their phones and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows. follow below steps to download movie hd apk to your blackberry.

  1. navigate to settings>>application manager>>install applications>> check ‘allow apps from other sources to be installed’.
  2. download movie hd apk from the download links above.
  3. after download is complete, please open the apk file to start installing movie hd on your blackberry device.

hd movie for pc (windows and mac)

movie hd pc

There is no stand-alone application available for windows. I have written a detailed article about using blue stacks and youwave android emulator to run hd movies on he pc. you can follow our guide on hd movies for pc.

faq’s (frequently asked questions)-

✅what is hd movie?

movie hd app is a movie and tv show streaming app developed for people all over the world. it’s fast and free.

✅what devices are compatible with movie hd?

movie hd works on android, fire tv, chrome, windows, mac, android box and more devices.

✅what can i do with hd movie?

You can stream and download over 100,000 movies and TV shows on many movie hd compatible devices.

✅how to use hd movie?

using movie hd app is very easy. all you have to do is install the app on your favorite device and then enjoy over 100,000 movies and TV shows.

✅how to download movies & TV shows?

download movies from movie hd is easy. you may want to download movies & tv shows to watch on another device or share with your friends. Whatever the reason, follow the steps below to download movies and TV shows.

  1. open movie hd and select the movie or tv show you want to download and click play.
  2. when the video starts streaming in amplayer, click the download button in the upper right corner of the amplayer.
  3. downloaded videos will be stored in the “/amplayer/downloads/” directory.

✅is it safe to use this app?

Using this application is safe for users. the copyright owners are more interested in taking down pirates (developers of this app) than the people who use it.

✅Is the use of this application illegal?

The app pulls your media from different sources and puts it into an easy-to-use interface that eliminates manual searching for such movies and TV shows.

but this does not change the fact that the copyrights of the media belong to their respective owners. users will have no problem while using the application.


how to use hd movie?

using movie hd app is very easy thanks to its user friendly user interface. Install the app to access over 100,000 movies and TV shows. Search for your favorites from the search box in the top right corner of the app.

download offline content to watch movies without internet or to share with your friends.

movie hd apk is not installing, what should I do?

movie hd runs on a large number of devices. Some of the common mistakes users make while installing this app with solutions are below-

make sure

  • installation of apps from unknown sources is checked in settings > security > check unknown sources.
  • You have downloaded the latest version of movie hd apk from the download links above.
  • You are on an android device running android version 4.4 (kitkat) or later.
  • a stable version is using the wifi connection.

If you encounter motion hd no connection error, please follow our detailed guide to resolve the issue.


This was a post about downloading the movie hd app. stay tuned to our website. I will keep updating this post with new updates of this app.

If you have any problems with the app, please let me know in the feedback section below. now sit back, relax and enjoy HD movies.

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