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How to find a movie you forgot

Video How to find a movie you forgot

You’re not the only one who can’t remember the name of a movie you watched as a kid, or saw the trailer on youtube, or watched half asleep on a plane. well, your life is about to be as perfect as a romantic comedy movie whose name you probably forgot too.

“what’s my movie” and other great websites with advanced search tools are ready to help you find the name of the movie. It’s hard enough that we have to deal with melodies without lyrics in our heads on loop all day; we deserve to know what the movie titles are!

Not sure how to find the movie? we have you covered. learn how to use this site and other easy tricks to find the name of a movie, let’s shoot!

5 different ways to find the name of a movie you don’t remember

what’s my movie?

what’s my movie is a website that helps you find the name of the movie when all you know is as specific as the detail, the plot, the description, the actor or the director.

On a mission to make finding videos easy, this website is ready to take anything you give it and suggest movies in a way no other search engine can. you can even perform voice searches!

“We aspire to create a new, descriptive way to search for video content,” says what is my movie. “Our technology understands the content of the video files themselves. from text to pattern recognition, we reach data that hasn’t been searchable in the past.”

how do you use the website to find out the name of that movie?

super simple, write or say what you remember from the movie. could be a great dialogue. here’s a preview of us searching for “reverse ages”:

result: the curious case of benjamin button.

bless the 21st century art of ai

‘what’s my movie’ also shows the metacritic rating. maybe that movie you watched as a kid and felt nostalgic for was a horrible movie after all. I revisited Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps and I can tell you: Not all movies are as funny as they were when you were 8, I guess.

what are the other ways to find the name of a movie you can’t remember?

Thanks to years of databases, artificial intelligence, and movie buffs, you’re just a few clicks away from that name that’s had you thinking all this time!


imdb is a website with an endless movie database. every movie that ever existed is on this website! chances are you have already visited imdb at least once in your life. I, for one, visit imdb regularly for movie details and interesting tidbits.

how to search imdb:

  • Use the imdb search to find what you remember of the plot, actors, directors, whatever.
  • Keep your search simple. unlike “what’s my movie”, imdb doesn’t respond well to long sentences and guesswork, so you’re better off sticking to clarification keywords.
  • follow our easy imdb search trick (explained below):

We are going to include this awesome shortcut called “advanced title search” to make your movie search more specific.

advanced title search, as its name clearly suggests, allows you to “mark” all the things you remember about the movie to give you the correct answer. you can filter your search by all of the following:

  • title type: is it a movie? documentary film? mark it!
  • release date: you can even guess from what year to what year. This will narrow it down another step,
  • genre: if you remember guns, fast cars, a fit cast, and the fbi being late to the party. spoiler alert: it’s an action movie, bookmark it!
  • plot: do you remember anything about the plot? Write the story that made you remember this movie in the first place.
  • Keywords: As we mentioned earlier, use defining keywords. ex: police, comedy, beauty pageant.
  • group title: oscar winner? marking it you can also choose to win a razzie, but do you really want to see that?
  • additional options: language, location, etc.

bonus tip: once you’ve found the name of the long-lost movie, add it to your wishlist by tapping (+wishlist). if you ever forget that name again, imdb will memorize it for you.

all you have to do is easily register with imdb to access this option.

search movies

filmfind is a spin on imdb. is a community based website that answers your movie related questions. the ‘quora’ of movies! it’s not ai or computer based, so you’ll have to wait for users to answer your question.

You can simply describe what you know about the movie and moviegoers will be happy to help you find the name of the movie you don’t remember. it is a love story? The ship hits an iceberg and sinks? Did the violinists play before they froze?

This forum-like website will give you different responses from different users; Vote for the correct answer and enjoy the movie!

This website can be a great way to find the movie name by scene. We’ve all seen short movie scenes in instagram videos or heard movie monologues used in tiktok challenges. We’re sure notable movie buffs remember remarkable scenes from movies!

find a movie on your streaming service

Finding the name of the movie you can’t remember is one thing, but is it playing on the services you subscribe to?

The search option of streaming giants like netflix and prime video have your back!

Search for the actor, director, or even the composer of a movie’s music and you just might find what you’re looking for. it’s like a one stop shop.

sounds great, right?

Check the below search done on netflix with the search term: ‘hans zimmer’, the composer of soundtracks to the best movies out there. (assuming you’re a musical genius who can remember hans and forget heath ledger’s prankster in the dark knight, this one is for you)

netflix suggests all the movies that feature the hans zimmer score, as well as suggestions that other like-minded users who have searched for the term “hans zimmer” saw on netflix.

crazy about movies

We know that the mind works in mysterious ways. If you remember the time that movie with no name came out, Wild About Movies is a great website to look for.

lists movies by year of release and by week of release. the website promises a more accurate release date than imdb, a bold statement.

if you remember seeing a bad comedy because the deadpool screens were full that day, then the name of the movie you forgot is zoolander 2, both released on february 12 according to wild about movies. the more you know.

encore trick:google image search

In this section, I’ll walk you through an underrated google tool that can help you figure out the name of the movie you can’t remember. however, this only works if the movie is playing somewhere around you.

yeah, chances are low that you won’t know the name of a movie right in front of you. But, you can see a scene from a movie on the television in your barber shop or in a lobby and think: “I want to know the name of that movie!”. google has entered the chat.

google image search is a google search extension that helps you find similar results to an image of your choice. In other words, you can take a photo of the movie playing in front of you and use it to find the name of the movie.

since you’ll be away from home, google lens is the mobile equivalent of google image search.

how to search by image:

  • take or upload the photo with google lens and tap search. If you’re not sure how to use mobile image search, click here.
  • the search results for the uploaded image will most likely reveal the name of the movie.

enjoy the movie!

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