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How to get free movie tickets

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Below we’ve listed easy ways to get absolutely free movie tickets no matter which theater you go to: regal, atom, amc…

can you really watch movies without paying tickets?


There are quite a few ways to do it.

One of the most popular ways is through advance evaluations.

Studios show advance screenings, which is when a movie that hasn’t been released yet is shown to the audience to build anticipation and sometimes for feedback. however, these types of tickets sell fast.

so you’ll have to be vigilant.

Also, another note about advance screenings is that even if you get a free pass, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a spot at the theater.

This is because there are often more tickets given out than there are seats in the theater.

once all seats are filled, the remaining pass/ticket holders are turned away.

so with early screenings, it’s really a good idea to get there earlier than it says on the ticket.

A good rule of thumb is to arrive at least 45 minutes to an hour early to ensure you get a seat.

Below, we cover places where you can get tickets to early movie screenings, as well as other methods of getting free movie tickets, as giveaways, where theaters and production studios give people a chance to win free tickets. , rewards programs that give free tickets, and many other ways to get free movie tickets.

Try them and save a lot of money!

here are 15 ways to save (100%) on movie tickets.

1. check out

  • where to get your tickets:

Looking for free movie tickets online?

if so, visit

is a really useful website that allows you to search for early movie showings.

The great thing about this website is that you can search for showings by movie, city, zip code, or point of sale. this means that if you’re looking to see a specific movie, then it’s much easier to find advance screening passes for it.

2. find free movie tickets at lionsgate

  • Where to get your tickets:

lionsgate is a popular movie studio that regularly holds advance screenings of the films it produces. you can visit the lionsgate website and find advance screenings in your neighborhood.

just enter your zip code to find movies near you.

3. join fandango vip

  • where to get your tickets:

You can get free fandango movie tickets by joining their loyalty program.

this free loyalty program is called fandango vip.

vips receive invites to free movie screenings and exclusive events.

As a member of the program, you earn 125 points for every ticket you buy. so once you have 500 points you will get a $5 reward. you can use your rewards to get movie tickets.

but that’s not all. Through the program, members gain access to advanced assessments. There are also other benefits of joining Fandango VIP, such as additional discounts and rewards.

4. attend free movie screenings with gofobo

  • where to get your tickets:

Looking for free printable movie tickets?

well then you should definitely check out gofobo.

On this website, you can find showings in your local area.

some of these screenings also offer complimentary popcorn and soda.

you get a redemption code for the movie you want to see.

and you can redeem it online. then you will get your pass, which you can download as a pdf document.

then print it.

As mentioned above, advance screening passes do not guarantee admission. so make sure you arrive early.

Some of these passes give access to more than one person. so a pass may say “allow two” so you can bring one guest with you, but if the pass says “allow one” then only you can attend with this pass.

You can sign up on the website to get started and sign up for gofobo newsletters to get passes too.

5. attend free screenings of warner bros.

  • where to get your tickets:

warner bros movie studio. offers free screenings of his upcoming films. you can use the website to find screenings in your area. just redeem a code online and then you’ll receive your passes to an upcoming screening in your area.

sign up for an account to get codes for early screenings.

once you have a code, you can redeem it, download your screening pass and print it out and take it to the theater with you.

6. check out sony’s free preview screenings

  • where to get your tickets:

you can find advance screenings of upcoming sony movies. just visit the website and enter your zip code to find local showings.

7. attend free movie screenings with seeitfirst

  • where to get your tickets:

sign up to seeitfirst and you’ll get access to free screenings. you can get free tickets to disney movies.

8. join moviepass to get free movie tickets

updated September 14, 2019

As of 09/14/19, moviepass has suspended services. The MoviePass site states that members will receive automatic refunds for all prepaid services. there is a signup box on their home page to receive notifications about when or if they will resume service in the future.

  • where to get your tickets:

moviepass is a great program that you can use to get free movie tickets.

however, it works in a slightly different way than the other options on this list.

You pay $9.95 a month and can watch up to 30 unique movies each month.

This means that once you’ve bought your first movie ticket, if it’s $9.95 or more or after you’ve spent $9.95 on movie tickets, the next ones are practically free!

If you like to watch multiple movies every month, you should definitely check out moviepass.

see our moviepass review for more information.

9. check out local sources

Local sources can also be great places to find free movie tickets.

A great local source is local newspapers.

The arts and entertainment sections of your local daily or weekly newspaper often feature movie deals where you can get free tickets or details on early screenings. Often these deals and screenings still charge you for at least one ticket, but sometimes you’ll get another ticket for free.

Local radio stations can also be a good source of tickets. major radio stations sometimes receive promotional tickets to give away to their listeners. these tickets are usually for blockbuster movies.

Obviously getting tickets or not is entirely up to chance, but you can still enter for a chance to win. You can even subscribe to the radio station’s newsletter or create an account on their website to stay up-to-date with free movie ticket promotions.

Local TV stations sometimes run promotions and giveaways on movie tickets, so keep an eye on that too.

Consider following the social media channels of local newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations and their websites so you don’t miss out on great deals.

10. get free tickets with atomic rewards

  • where to get your tickets:

You can get free movie tickets with atomic rewards.

It’s a free membership program, and as a member, every time you go to the movies, you gain access to exclusive offers and can earn movie loyalty rewards.

but that’s not all.

There is a promotion available on the move that allows you to win a free movie ticket for any standard time slot when you watch four movies.

simply sign up for an atom account and you will automatically become an atom rewards member.

11. take a look at the real theater promotions

  • where to get your tickets:

Royal theaters sometimes offer free tickets to patrons. You can see the current promotions by visiting the page above.

at the time of this writing, an advance screening of the robin hood movie was available at select royal locations.

so it’s a good idea to check the regal promotions page often to keep up with free movie ticket deals and promo codes.

12. and join the royal crown club

  • where to get your tickets:

if you frequently watch movies in royal theaters, then consider joining the royal crown club.

As a member of the Regal Crown Club, you earn 100 credits for every dollar you spend on tickets and concessions.

Then you can redeem your points for free movie tickets!

You can also use your points to get other complementary things, like sodas and popcorn.

plus, the more you visit the movie theater, the more credits you’ll receive, as part of the crown jewel bonus program:

  • emerald: when you visit the theater six or more times a year, you get an extra 250 credits each visit.
  • ruby: make 10 or more visits each year and you’ll earn an extra 500 credits per visit.
  • diamond: When you visit a theater 20 or more times a year, you’ll earn receive an extra 1,000 credits each visit.

13. find advance screenings at wild about movies

  • where to get your tickets:

wild about movies is a website that provides information for movie fans, such as release dates, movie news, posters and photos, trailers, reviews, and dvd release dates.

and is also a great resource for finding free screenings.

simply bookmark the website and visit the page above to learn what free screenings are available.

wild about movies also has a facebook page where they also post details about advanced screenings, so follow that too.

14. win advance screening passes at

  • where to get your tickets: partners with movie theaters, such as:

  • sony pictures,
  • warner bros.,
  • walt disney studios,
  • universal pictures,
  • 20th century fox,
  • and primordial photographs

to offer advanced screenings to a wide variety of films.

15. enter gifts in zayzay for advanced screening passes

  • where to get your tickets:

zayzay has giveaways you can enter to win advanced screening passes. check out the giveaways page we linked to above to keep up with new movies you can get free tickets for.

final thoughts

There are so many ways to get free tickets.

If you’ve been wondering how to get free movie tickets, try some of the methods we mentioned above.

When it comes to getting free movie tickets through sweepstakes or advanced screenings, the best thing to do is check back often. By staying up-to-date, you can make sure you don’t miss out on any great deals.

Whether it’s attending advance screenings in your area, joining a loyalty program, or entering sweepstakes, there are plenty of ways to get free movie tickets.

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