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free download latest version of movie box pro 2021 for android, ios, apple and android tv and pc

moviebox pro: the powerhouse for movies and TV shows

the latest version of moviebox pro 2021 v8.9 has been released with additional support and improvements. Before I talk about the latest release, I thought I’d familiarize new readers with the Moviebox Pro platform. Even if you are a movie fan, you may not know about this app. Don’t worry, this post will tell you enough about all the main areas of the moviebox pro app.

After Moviebox stopped serving fans with movie and TV show streaming and downloading feature, a new platform named Moviebox Pro soon replaced the old app. Therefore, MovieBox Pro is a relatively new program focused on providing thousands of movie and TV show fans with quality and quantity of content.

this platform is compatible with android, ios devices, smart tv and also there has been a recent release of a separate pc version which does not require emulator support. The MovieBox Pro app is a versatile movie app that works well on your Smartphones, Tablets, Android TVs, iPhones, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Unlimited fun with awesome content and features

You can have a big screen viewing experience with MovieBox Pro as it is compatible with FireStick and Fire TV devices. comprises more than 15000 movies and TV shows belonging to all kinds of popular genres such as action, adventure, science fiction, horror, comedy, suspense, romance, drama, mystery, reality-tvand so on, and so on.

You have access to all this content for free and the service is unlimited. This app is active and dynamic with regular content and system updates. thus, you can experience the latest movies and TV shows as soon as they are available. With the download feature, you can get your favorite content for offline viewing, even when you don’t have internet access.

the best features of moviebox pro

  • watch and download the latest movies and TV shows for free
  • over 15,000 video content
  • content is updated daily.
  • uses high quality global high speed cdn network for fast download speeds
  • no censorship issues or regional discrimination; moviebox pro is available worldwide.
  • compact size and hd quality are preserved thanks to h265 encoding technology
  • multilingual subtitle support with speed adjustment and sharing
  • create your unique movie list and share it with your movie list
  • works with ios, android, apple tv and smart tv.
  • easy to use interface
  • minimal advertising
  • moviebox pro lite version is available
  • free and paid version. unlock more features and facilities for one low price.
  • no system override such as jailbreak or root is required for the app to work.
  • no apple id or login procedures complicated registration.

moviebox pro is platform independent which is not published on google play store or apple store. you will not find this application in any official market. it exists on its own as a third-party program. You can download the moviebox pro 2021 app and start using it after receiving the invitation code via email request to moviebox pro support team.

read more about moviebox pro invite code to know the procedure. you can try moviebox pro vip apk which is the paid version of moviebox pro. you only pay a low amount for a premium subscription that can be as cheap as $3.99 per month.

moviebox pro 2021 latest version free download

moviebox pro download

the latest version of moviebox pro 2021 is available

as you know, moviebox pro is a dynamic platform with constant updates for both content and system. the latest system update brings some major fixes and improvements to the program. We strongly recommend that you perform this upgrade to experience the best of the service. it will remove any bugs if you experience them lately. the following are the latest changes not to be missed.

  1. added next episode autoplay setting
  2. integrated video preview while dragging progress bar
  3. resolved auto selection issue resolution
  4. add remove private movie list.
  5. fixed some bugs

Download moviebox pro 2021 latest version to enjoy all the good features!

moviebox pro FAQ

p – is moviebox pro legal?

a – users do not get into legal trouble when using moviebox pro. This application generates streaming and download links from third-party hosting services and is not responsible for copyright violations. what you get is the content currently available online and you don’t need to worry as long as you’re not a host.

p – is moviebox pro vip secure?

One reason is that the app only provides safe and reliable streaming server links that are not connected to malware. it is safer than accessing content through unknown hosting sites.

Q- Is moviebox pro safe for iphone?

a: there is nothing in the moviebox pro app that can harm your iphone device. it will not root ios or interfere with any system files. the app can be installed the same way you do for any third party app.

q – how do i get moviebox pro on my pc?

a: The old method forced users to rely on an emulator like bluestacks. However, there is a recent release of standalone version of Moviebox Pro PC. you can download the setup and install it on your pc in a few simple steps.

p – do you have to pay for moviebox pro?

a: moviebox pro is free and if you want to unlock additional features like no ads, better quality, tv version, improved server speeds, you can pay a small fee to unlock the vip version.

p – is moviebox pro closing?

a: the simple answer is no. it’s the moviebox app that ended and moviebox pro replaced it. This new app is an improved version of the old one and it is compatible with various devices. Like its predecessor, the app is completely free.


moviebox pro stands out as one of the best providers of movies and TV shows. It competes with other programs like mediabox. is an application animated with the latest movies and TV shows and it rarely disappoints you with the unavailability of the content.

The vip program is worth your money as it unlocks more awesome features not available in the free version. new additions are expected to further enhance the platform for a better experience.

you can identify moviebox pro as a challenger for famous platforms like netflix or hbo. they are expensive services if you compare the cost of moviebox pro. the price is cheap and very affordable even for the highest package of moviebox pro.

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