How to Do a Fun Virtual Movie Night with Friends

How to have a virtual movie night

Video How to have a virtual movie night

Movie night is a great way to spend time with your friends. But if you’re practicing social distancing or just live too far from your friends to get together for a movie, there’s no reason to put your movie night on hold. Hosting a virtual movie night is a great way to enjoy a movie with your friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

woman hosting a virtual movie night with friends watching on her laptop with popcorn What is a Virtual Movie Night?

A virtual movie night is similar to a traditional movie night, where you get together with your friends to watch a movie and have snacks. the only difference is that a virtual movie night takes place online instead of at a central location. that means you and your friends watch the same movie in your own homes, while chatting online or on the phone.

A virtual movie night is a great option when you can’t get together with your friends but still want to watch a movie together. Fortunately, hosting a long-distance movie night is easy with today’s technology.

4 quick tips on how to host a movie night online

Hosting an online movie night with your friends is easy. In fact, there are four easy steps you can take to enjoy a movie night together, no matter where all your friends are.

  1. Set a date. The first step in starting a movie night is choosing a date for the event. ask your friends what day suits them, then send an invitation online to make sure everyone can attend. And if you want to make it a permanent event, be sure to let your friends know what day of the week or month you’ll be holding your movie nights in the future.
  2. choose your platform. there are a variety of streaming options that will allow you to watch a movie with your friends. Choosing the best platform for your online movie party will be based on the movie you want to watch, the streaming platforms available to everyone in the party, and the available options you want for your own party.
  3. <strong make some snacks. you can’t have movie night without snacks! make sure you have plenty of refreshments planned for your event. And if you want all of your movie viewers to have fun snacking, why not mail them their own movie snacks before movie night?
  4. start the movie. Once everyone has settled in with their favorite movies, the movie can begin. But before you start watching, make sure you set some ground rules for watching movies. Will people be allowed to talk during the movie? Can you text instead of talking to avoid interruptions? Will they talk about the movie via video chat after it’s over?

We also love picking out a couple of recipes for everyone to make! We love these movie-inspired foods!

5 awesome online movie night options

Hosting your own online movie night will depend on the platform you choose. And since there are a variety of online movie viewing options, you and your guests will be spoiled for choice when it comes to which streaming service you choose and which movie you watch.

1. netflix

With thousands of movies to choose from, Netflix is ​​a popular choice for online movie night. Netflix allows users to create a watch party directly on the platform if users are watching the movie on a computer. If you prefer to watch Netflix on your phone or TV, you can also use Netflix Party to create a watch party for your virtual movie night.

2. hulu

Another great option for your viewing party is hulu. You can choose from a variety of movies on the platform or access premium channel add-ons like HBO Max and Showtime for even more movie options. Like Netflix, Hulu allows viewers to create a watch party through its computing platform.

3. amazon prime

To watch new releases during your movie night online, amazon prime is a great option. this option is only available to prime members. and each member of the viewing group must rent or purchase the movie she plans to watch before she can join the group.

4. disney+

While you may think this platform is just for kids, there are a variety of great movies you can watch with your friends on Disney+ through the GroupWatch feature. Since this platform hosts Marvel and Star Wars movies, you’ll find a variety of great options for adults. And Disney is the only platform that allows you to watch parties on a TV or phone, making it a great option for watching a party online.

5. kosmi

Instead of using a streaming service to watch your movie, you can also play a movie you already own with the help of kosmi. This free application allows you to project videos by sharing your screen. that means you can stream a movie you already own or movies from streaming sites, whether or not everyone in the group has access to that platform.

Have you tried a long distance movie night with friends yet?

If so, we’d love to hear how it went! you can comment below or tag us on instagram @movienightsathome.

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