How Do I Return My Movie to Redbox?

How to return redbox movie

Video How to return redbox movie

redbox was founded in 2002 and has since expanded to 42,000 kiosks. It works like a movie vending machine for a small price.

use of red box

1. locate a red box. most of them are located outside of popular grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores. If you’re not sure which redbox is near you, you can find it on the redbox website under ‘redbox locations’. enter your zip code to find a redbox near you.

2. Create an account to pre-order a movie or video game

3. If you visit a redbox to rent your video game or movie, you will have three options; ‘pick up rental online’, ‘rent a dvd’ and ‘return dvd’.

4. choose the game or movie you want to rent. if you don’t see it, click ‘more titles’

5. select ‘add to cart’

6. When you’re done, click ‘pay’ and enter your personal details when prompted.

7. swipe your card and enter your email address to get a receipt.

8. press ‘done’.

return of your rented movie

1. click the ‘return a dvd’ option on the home screen

2. point the arrow towards the slot on the right of the machine

3. insert the disk into the slot to complete your return

4. choose to receive an acknowledgment when prompted

Always make sure you receive an email as a receipt for your redbox rental and return. DVDs can get stuck in the machine. if you don’t have a receipt, you will be charged for not returning it. You should also keep track of the plastic boxes that contain the discs. you may need to pay a fee to replace them.

You must try to return your rental before 9:00 p.m. m. the next day. It’s the deadline for your redbox rentals. if you missed the deadline, your video game or movie will be automatically rented for the next day.

redbox allows you to rent your movie or video game for as long as you need it. however, renting for long periods generates higher charges. if you reach the maximum rental period, you will be charged the maximum rental amount and you can keep the disc.

When renting, do not remove the barcode from the center of the disc. It is important when you return. you can’t return a disk if it can’t be read.

You don’t have to return your film to the red box where you got it.

redbox has a rental and return anywhere policy that allows you to return your movie or video game to any redbox in the country. On your mobile device, you can use the redbox gpa to locate the closest redbox to your location.

If you need help with your redbox rentals or returns, you can ask our customer support team for help. One of the best ways to contact Redbox for support is by phone. be courteous and patient even if you feel frustrated. the customer support agents are helpful and you can contact them with any of your issues. you may have to call several times before you get the help you need.

live chat is another good option to seek support if phone support is not a good option. it also gives you the opportunity to speak with a customer service agent.

If you don’t need to speak directly with an agent, you can seek support via email. send an email with all the important details of your concern and the type of help you would like to receive.

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