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How to use disney movie rewards points

Video How to use disney movie rewards points

New Applicants: Earn Disney Rewards Dollars with the Disney Premier Visa Card The terms and conditions that apply to Disney Rewards Dollars are available at and are They will provide you with your Disney Visa Premier Card once you become a cardholder.

Subject to credit approval: You will earn one percent (1%) Disney Rewards Dollars for every dollar of Qualifying Purchases (as defined below) made. You will earn an additional one percent (1%) in Disney Rewards dollars for every dollar of qualifying purchases made at (i) Disney-branded point-of-sale locations (owned and operated by Disney Rewards, LLC or its affiliates). ), as well as a select number of other third-party owned and operated locations where disney rewards dollars may be redeemed, and (ii) at any of the types of merchants in the following rewards categories: gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants (for a total of 2% on these qualifying purchases). you’ll earn an additional four percent (4%) in disney rewards dollars for every dollar of qualifying purchases made directly on,, or for (a) a monthly or annual subscription to disney+, hulu, or espn+ , or (b) the disney bundle subscription, or (c) additional disney+, hulu, or espn+ purchases, including prime access on disney+, add-ons on hulu, and pay-per-view events on espn+ (for a total of 5 % on these qualifying purchases). Your purchase of any such Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+ subscriptions or additional purchases will not earn an additional 4% Disney Reward Dollars if your purchase is made through a third-party digital device or platform (unless such device or platform redirect to,, or for purchase) or as a bundle with cable services or as another bundle. purchases with disney+, hulu, and espn+ gift cards and subscription cards that are purchased directly on,, or will earn an additional 4% in disney rewards dollars, but such purchases with gift and subscription cards that are purchased from a point of sale location other than,, or will not earn an additional 4% in disney rewards dollars. Merchants that accept Visa credit cards are assigned a merchant code, which is determined by the merchant or its processor in accordance with Visa procedures based on the major types of products and services the merchant sells. Chase groups similar merchant codes into categories for the purpose of offering rewards to you. Please note: Chase makes every effort to include all relevant merchant codes in its listed rewards categories. however, even if a merchant or some of the items they sell may appear to fit into a rewards category, the merchant may not have a merchant code in that category. When this occurs, purchases from that merchant and purchases of Disney goods or services from places not wholly owned or operated by Disney will not qualify for the one percent (1%) or four percent (4 percent). additional %) in disney rewards dollars. , as appropriate. purchases submitted by you, your authorized users, or the merchant through third-party payment accounts, wireless or mobile card readers, mobile or online digital wallets, or similar technology will not qualify in a rewards category if the technology is not configured to process the purchase in that award category. For more information, see the FAQ at (“qualifying purchases” means the amount of your retail purchases of goods and services less qualifying returns or refunds for disney dollar rewards in a billing cycle and does not include balance transfers, cash advances and other similar transactions to cash, traveler’s checks, currency, money orders, wire transfers, lottery tickets, casino chips, race bets or similar gambling transactions, any check that accesses your card account, interest, unauthorized charges or fraudulent, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.)

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