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How true is the pam and tommy movie

Video How true is the pam and tommy movie

2 February 2022, 17:35 | Updated: March 2, 2022, 4:07 PM

pam & Tommy hit Disney+ on February 2, but how real is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship story?

Disney+ viewers have been enjoying Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s transformation into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the Pam & tommy after it dropped in early February, with new episodes every Wednesday.

The mini-series was filmed throughout 2021 and focused on Baywatch actress Pamela and Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy’s relationship, most notably their sex tape that was leaked in the 1990s.

Lily spent hours in the makeup chair transforming into Pamela, and fans are very impressed with her portrayal of the ’90s icon on the show.

the children of ‘pam & tommy’: where are they now?

pamela and tommy were married from 1995 to 1998, but how faithful is the new series to their relationship? this is what we know…

Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam & Tommy

Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam & Tommy. Picture: Disney+ / Hulu

Is Pam & Tommy a true story?

pam & Tommy is based on the true story of the stolen sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. He was kicked out of the couple’s home by a resentful contractor (played by Seth Rogen on the show) and went from underground VHS to being put online to become a global sensation in 1997.

The show recreates the couple’s love story for a dramatized television series, exploring violations of privacy, technology and the rise of celebrity culture.

While the remarkable story of the sex tape leak and other major events in the couple’s lives is very true, the series is expected to have some dramatized scenarios for the sake of television.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the 90s

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the 90s. Picture: Getty
Seth Rogen plays the disgruntled contractor who steals the sex tape
Seth Rogen plays the disgruntled contractor who steals the sex tape. Picture: Disney+ / Hulu
Lily James as Pamela Anderson
Lily James as Pamela Anderson. Picture: Disney+ / Hulu

What have Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee said about Pam & Tommy?

Pamela is believed to be against the series, but has not spoken publicly about the show.

He reportedly called the show “disrespectful” and claimed he had never heard of lead actors lily and sebastian.

Meanwhile, Tommy has apparently given the series his blessing, telling Entertainment Tonight after filming wrapped that the show is “a really beautiful story.”

He had also been in contact with the actor who played him, Sebastian, during filming.

tommy said: “I think a lot of people would think it’s one thing, but it’s really about privacy and how things got crazy back then. now there are different laws.”

added: “the story is really cool. what actually happened wasn’t, but [stan] tells me it’s pretty wild.”

pam & tommy is burning now on disney+.

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