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Howard Fast was one of the most popular American television writers and authors, famous for writing his books based on the historical fiction genre. He was born on November 11, 1914 and died on March 12, 2003. The author Fast sometimes uses the pen names Walter Ericson and E.V. cunningham for writing some of his novels. he was born in new york city and his parents were named barney fast and ida fast. His father was actually a Ukrainian immigrant who had to shorten his name from Fastovsky to Fast after arriving in America, while his mother was an immigrant from England. After the death of the author’s mother Fast in 1923, his younger brother went to live with his relatives and his father remained largely unemployed. therefore, he and his older brother had to make a living selling newspapers. Quite often, the author is quick to credit his voracious reading of it to his part-time job at the New York Public Library. From a very young age he began to write inspired by the things he read in the library. he used to spend most of his time traveling by rail and hitchhiking in and around the nation to find different jobs. At the same time, he finished the writing portion of his first book titled Two Valleys. was published in 1933 when the author was only 18 years old.

His first written work, which became extremely popular, was titled Citizen Tom Paine, which was a fictional depiction of the life of Thomas Paine. At the time, Fast seemed to be very interested in American history. Consequently, he went on to write the book entitled ‘The Last Frontier’, which was based on the Cheyenne Indians’ attempt to return to his homeland. this novel also became an inspiration to make the movie called autumn cheyenne in the year 1964. another historical novel that the author wrote fast at that time was titled as ‘freedom road’ which was based on the life of the ancient slaves during the rebuilding period. Seeing that the novel was based on a true incident, a production company decided to develop a film starring Muhammad Ali in the year 1979. In this film, Ali played a rare role of Gideon Jackson, who was an ex-slave in Virginia during the time. of the 1870s, who went on to be elected to the United States Senate in the capital city of Washington, D.C.

in the book freedom road, as well as in the film adaptation, the author fast has described how gideon jackson fought along with other slaves and sharecroppers to keep his land. During the time of World War II, he quickly used to work with the American Office of War Information and write for the Voice of America. later, he entered politics. After some time in his career, he wrote his most popular work, Spartacus. but no publisher agreed to publish it, saying that it would not do well in the market. therefore, the author quickly decided to publish on his own. with the success of this novel, he was able to further increase his popularity as an author. the author married quickly twice in his life. First, he married Bette Cohen in the year 1937, giving birth to a son and a daughter. After Bette’s death in 1999, he married Mercedes O’Connor. Author Howard Fast died in the city of Old Greenwich, Connecticut. His son Jonathan Fast, his daughter-in-law Erica Jong, his granddaughter Molly Jong-fast, and his brother Julius Fast, were all novelists.

one of the initial and most successful novel series written by author howard fast in the series titled ‘lavette family’, which consists of 6 novels in total. All the books in this series were published between the years 1977 and 1997. This series depicts the rise and fall of one immigrant family determined to make a living in the United States. The lives of generations of the Lavette family are depicted in this series. ‘The Immigrants’ is the first book in the series, which was published in 1977 and set in San Francisco, California, United States. Major characters depicted in this book include Mark Levy, Anthony Cassalla, Dan Lavette, May Ling, and Jean Sheldon. Quick author has described the story in the book in the form of a tremendous and beautiful love story. He has very well described the story of adventure, ambition and passion set in the most romantic city in America, San Francisco. At first, Dan Lavette is introduced as the son of an ordinary Italian fisherman. he fights to save his life in the san francisco earthquake and continues to build a fortune for himself in the shipping industry. With the help of his hard work and marriage to the daughter of the richest family in the city, Dan achieved success. but he risks everything for a woman he finds very beautiful. She also seems to know Dan’s scandalous passion and secrets. Without the help of this book, Author Rapid has allowed the city of San Francisco to come alive. he has described very well the life of 3 immigrant families, Chinese, Irish and Italian. The intertwined dreams of these families continue with America’s coming of age.

The next novel in the Lavette family series is published under the title “Second Generation.” It was published by iBooks in 1978. This novel also describes the life story of Dan Lavette. it actually encompasses the dramatic turn of history, beginning from the depression years to the end of World War II. The main character of this book is Barbara Lavette, Dan Lavette’s daughter and his wife Jean El. Disdainful of her mother’s social world, and troubled by the difficulties of living a dual life, she forces the bold and beautiful barbarian to run away and build her own life. her but she ends up in europe and almost entangled in the web of nazi terror. After going through different life experiences, Barbara finally begins to understand herself better. Author Howard Fast has developed the plot of this book with great compassion and empathy, which was greatly appreciated by readers. they enjoyed reading quickly about the emotions and love of the characters and their unique description by the author.

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