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I shankar movie review

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puri jagan has kept himself hidden with consecutive failures in his career. His new movie Ismart Shankar has hit the screens today and let’s see if it gives Puri the success he so badly needs or not.


ismart shankar(ram) is a crazy hitman who assassinates a high-profile politician. The cops start chasing him and Shankar escapes with his girlfriend (Nabha Natesh). On the other hand, Arun (Satyaev) is a policeman who is handling the same case. just as he is about to catch the real culprit of the murder, he is killed. In a crazy turn of events, the cops transfer Arun’s memory to Shankar. what is all this memory problem? what does ismart shankar have to do with this? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

no one but ram would have landed the role of ismart shankar. ram’s transformation is amazing and puri shows it in a way never seen before. Whether it’s his dialogue delivery, dances, or massive screen presence, Ram is a delight to watch on screen and is very lovable as him.

nabha natesh is impressive as a chandni and provides excellent visual appeal to the masses. His chemistry with Ram is also good, as he did well in his limited screen presence. Niddhi Agarwal lands a good role and gives her best in the film. ashish vidhyarthi is great and so is satyadev as a policeman.

The film is packed with commercial elements that will appeal to the masses. the dialogues, the songs, and the glam quotient of the main couple, puri hits the nail on the head with these factors. ram creates good comedy with the gestures and action of him. the first half is decent and the memory transfer interval is presented well.

negative points:

one of the biggest drawbacks is that the story is the same old police drama from puri mark. the only difference here is that puri has added a memory transfer concept and made the hero a bit different. but unfortunately it doesn’t make good use of the concept.

There are many scenes in the second half that defy logic. Ram’s character lacks clarity and is displayed in a confusing manner during this time. furthermore, the fabric of family politics is secular and does not create any impact.

The script undergoes a change in the second half, as the film slows down in many areas. the climax of the film is also routine. every scene is running on the ram screen and if you skip that then there is nothing new this movie has to offer. the film has double meaning dialogue and a lot of violence that will be a bit uncomfortable for family audiences.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch as Charme has handled things superbly. every location and visual looks authentic and gives the film a rustic vibe. mani sharma’s music is the most important asset as all the songs provide good entertainment and have been well filmed as well.

ram has been very well designed in the movie. the editing is decent and so were the lyrics to all the songs. coming to director puri jagan, his strength has always been the characterization of his heroes and in this film too, he is spot on. it displays ram in a superb way and makes the movie watchable only thanks to ram. If he had handled the memory transfer concept well, things would have been much better for the movie.


As a whole, Ismart Shankar is an unapologetically massive Masala entertainer aimed at the masses. The crazy ram makeover will be loved by many. his one-man show and his good music make ordinary story and boring storytelling fit in various areas. all he needs to do is ignore logic and go with the flow and enjoy the so-called entertainment of popcorn being thrown at him. rating: 3/5

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