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Ice cream telugu movie review

ice-cream Release date : July 12, 2014 Rating : 2/5 Director : Ram Gopal Varma Producer : Rama Satyanarayana Music Director : Pradhyuman Starring : Navdeep, Tejaswi Madivada

Ram Gopal Varma, has been churning out films one after the other. His latest presentation is Ice Cream, which stars Navdeep and Tejaswi. This movie has hit the screens today, and let’s see how the film is.


renu(tejaswi) is a rich girl, who stays alone in her huge bungalow, instead of going to her cousin’s wedding. From the first day, Renu starts to have some strange dreams about her house being haunted by evil people.

a scared renu calls her boyfriend vishal(navdeep) at her house for help. the rest of the story is about what happens to both of them and if they will survive this evil haunted house during their stay.

positive points:-

Once again, rgv proves that he is a technical genius. Fortunately, the flow chamber technology is quite good and doesn’t disturb or irritate the flow of the film.

tejaswi gets the central role and performs to the best of her ability. she has these innocent looks and emotions that were captured so well by the director.

navdeep is good again, but doesn’t have much to do until the end. he shows superb emotions in a scene where he is afraid of ghosts. the first fifteen minutes of the film are fine and engaging. the sound effects and camera angles make a big impact during this time.

negative points:-

rgv picks an interesting concept here, but ends up trying too hard. my first problem with the film is the duration. even though it’s only 102 minutes, at least 10 or 12 minutes could easily have been edited out.

After the first interesting fifteen minutes, the story never goes any further, with only rgv’s weird camera angles taking center stage. could have easily gotten rid of these scenes and could have made the movie sharper. disappointingly, the so-called publicized nude scene is not even present in the film.

Unsurprisingly, even with this movie, rgv gives it an abrupt ending. while participating in the proceedings and waiting for something interesting to happen, the film ends without warning and leaves a question mark. the climax has not been justified and many scenes either.

technical aspects:-

First of all, I would like to mention the flow camera technology used in the film. it can be said that it is, in fact, an additional feature in the filmmaker’s arsenal, as this technique captures angles never before seen in filmmaking.

rgv has used this technology very well, and the huge set up of the house also helps to create different angles in the film. unlike the irritating rouge methodology used in the department, this flow chamber technique is much better and adds a lot of depth to the way a scene is perceived.

The sound effects in the movie are also good and the way the background score was designed is also good. although this is an experimental film, the lighting, editing and production values ​​look good. Visually, this movie looks neat.

come to rgv, you always have some interesting ideas up your sleeve, but what fails is the execution. even with this movie, he gets into his own zone, and he just forgets about the flow of the movie and focuses only on the camera angles, which irritates the audience.


Overall, Ice Cream is a decent film in terms of technical values. New flow camera technology shows the movie in good lighting, but it’s the abrupt ending, repeated scenes, and dull RGB narration that spoil the taste of this sundae. rating: 2/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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