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Iddaram movie review

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Continuing the trend of low-budget movies, another romantic thriller hitting screens today is iddaram. Directed by newcomer Sudhakar Vinukonda, let’s see how this film turns out.


A group of orphans team up and continue to educate young couples about the side effects of early marriage and children. One of them is Sanjeev (Ajay), who suddenly realizes that his close friends are actually raping innocent girls in the midst of this good cause.

One fine day, the dreaded gang finds out about Sanjeev and his girlfriend and starts chasing them. A big fight breaks out and Sanjeev is seriously injured in a car accident that also kills his girlfriend. To add insult to injury, Sanjeev also loses his memory and becomes helpless.

This is the moment when an unknown girl meets sanjeev and trains him to take revenge on his friends. who is this girl? what does she have to do with sanjeev? how will a defenseless sajneev take revenge? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

The concept of the movie is unique and the way it is shown during the beginning is also impressive. the way sanjeev’s character is written and executed needs a special mention. also, the way the hero takes revenge on the villains has been shown very well.

the dialogues, the procedures and some moments that show this concept during the first ten minutes seem exciting. the chemistry between the main couple and all the confrontation scenes designed into them seem novel.

negative points:-

The main concept of the film, which is to do good for society, is dropped entirely after one point. the personal vendetta and some other unnecessary scenes become the crux of the movie and water down the concept and make the proceedings routine.

Once again, even during the second half, the way the personal vendetta is deflected to supernatural effect lacks focus. Since the actors are novices, their acting in critical scenes lacks the necessary lift and doesn’t give the necessary depth to the emotions.

technical aspects:-

kiran shankar’s music is good. the editing is very bad and the script too. production values ​​are decent as the film is shown in decent light. coming to director sudhakar vinukonda, even though he had a decent concept, the writing from him is quite weak as many times the movie changes tracks from one plot to another which makes things worse.


Overall, iddaram lacks romance and the requisite emotion that is a must for romantic thrillers. weak writing, plot diversion, and some premature acting ruin the viewing experience in a big way. Except for the intriguing chemistry between the two leads, this movie doesn’t have much to offer and can be left alone this weekend. rating: 2/5

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