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Idhu Namma Aalu (aka) Ithu Namma Aalu review

Idhu namma aalu movie review

the pandiraj director hitherto known for handling children’s stories or making movies with a rural background has attempted an urban love theme with idhu namma aalu (ina) which is highly entertaining, thanks to simbu, nayanthara, soori and the dialogues of pandiraj.

although with a little delay in her arrival, ina is not out of date since the theme of love can never go out of style in kollywood.

ina starts off a little differently with detailed credits given to the music department headed by simbu’s brother kuralarasan who is making his debut as a music composer. Once the story begins, Arjun gives us an overview of the lives of the professionals. in fact, this gets a lot of laughs.

pandiraj’s ina is about the love life of simbu, a techie in chennai. Soori, his childhood friend, for the simple reason of not being able to get away from him, clings to him as her two-wheeler.

for simbu, this role is like a walk in the park and the actor plays it with his characteristic style. the same goes for nayanthara too. Andrea is a cute doll. Jaiprakash’s supporting cast, Udhay Mahesh, Deepa Ramanujam and Rajesh are experts in their portrayals. jai makes a brief cameo.

It’s very sporty of simbu to have given the director a thumbs up to bring in a lot of dialogue that hints at his real-life personality. examples are ‘enakku nadikkavae theriyaadhu, ethanai vaatti daa love pannuvae’, to name a few. simbu also responds finally saying ‘ellaarum en love a vechu comedic panreenga’.

to reiterate, ina’s dialogues are one of her strengths with pandiraj playing them with effortless ease. coupled with soori taking on the responsibility of animating in the theater, it has worked well for the movie. his timing and punches are hilarious. After the interval, Soori brings the roof down with her legal warning about drinking too much liquor. santhanam makes an effective cameo in his trademark style.

The cell phone plays an integral role in the film with all the cast members using the communication device incessantly and also by the director to move his story forward. That said, the parts that involve Simbu and Nayan talking on their phone for a long time bring up the movie’s lag moments. gets boring after a while.

when we think the movie is complete, pandiraj places an obstacle that finds a way to be solved. subsequent scenes lower the attractiveness quotient.

we see that ‘bro’ is being replaced by sagaa, which may soon find many users. there are some features in ina that we see in most movies these days. it’s almost like a list of important things to check off. one is the ajith reference and the other is the ‘indha ponnungalae ippadi dhaan’ dialogues. ina has them too.

A movie with simbu can’t go by without the star showing off her dancing skills. thus, we have maaman’s waiting number where the hero dances at his whim with adha sharma. but one wonders what is the relevance of this song in the film.

balasubramaniem’s ​​camerawork is sleek and vibrant, while prem navas’s set designs are modern. kuralarasan music tracks are functional but for kaathaga vantha ponnu. could have concentrated a bit more on the background music of the emotional sequences; otherwise a decent debut.

To sum it up, idhu namma aalu is a light-hearted movie that mainly entertains and can find many interested in the youth sector.

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