In the movie the gift whose baby is it

In the movie the gift whose baby is it

quick answer: at the end of the gift, gordo reveals his final gift to simon and robyn: a video of him drugging and presumably assaulting robyn. It’s unclear whether or not robyn’s baby is gordo’s or simon’s, but gordo hints, “it’s all in the eyes, you see.” Since Fatty has brown eyes and Simon has blue eyes, we can guess the father by checking the baby’s eye color. When Simon runs back to the hospital to see Robyn and the baby, we can’t clearly identify the color of the baby’s eyes, but it doesn’t matter. Since Gordon relies on psychological rather than physical manipulation, it is likely that he did not assault Robyn and made up the lie to echo Simon’s made-up story that Gordon was sexually abused as a child.

in the gift (2015), married couple robyn (rebecca hall) and simon callem (jason bateman) are persistently visited by the seemingly threatening fat man (joel edgerton), the old classmate of simon. Although Gordo’s actions and intentions seem very disturbing, in the end we learn a key piece of information that can reverse our sympathies: When he was a child, Gordo was bullied by Simon.

during his teens, simon made up a story about how gordo was sexually abused by an older boy, which ultimately ruined gordo’s family and life. But just as we begin to despise Simon and forgive some of Gordo’s strange behavior, we see Gordo’s final gift to the Callems: a video of him drugging and presumably assaulting Robyn.

simon begins to doubt whether or not he is the father of robyn’s baby and quickly goes to the hospital to see his wife, only to see fat man in the hospital elevators. Gordo escapes before Simon catches him, but then calls Simon to suggest that Simon may or may not be the father. At the end of the phone call, Gordo hints, “It’s all in the eyes, you see.” Simon desperately returns to the hospital to see the baby. As Simon struggles to see the baby, it is unclear if the baby has Fatty’s brown eyes or Simon’s blue eyes. the film’s audience seems to be divided on the matter; some think the baby has blue eyes while others think the baby has brown eyes. however, it doesn’t matter what color the baby’s eyes are because the baby is not the ultimate fat gift.

although fat suggests that the baby is his, it is much more likely that the baby is actually simon’s. Gordo is based on emotional and psychological manipulation, not physical. Therefore, it would be improper for him to suddenly assault Robyn when there is no evidence that he would ever be physically violent towards her in the first place.

It’s also important to note that Gordo’s story is very parallel to the made-up story that Simon did about Gordo’s sexual abuse. Fatty could be creating a similar fictional story to make it appear that Robyn was assaulted as revenge for Simon’s bullying: the act of making up the story creates a serious mental disturbance for Simon, without the event needing to occur. If Gordo did indeed assault Robyn, on the other hand, it would be an extreme act of violence out of proportion to Simon’s evil, which harms Robyn much more than her husband.

the end of the film implies that fat is more interested in making simon understand what he did when he was a childhood bully. During the same phone call at the hospital, Gordo says to Simon, “See what happens when you poison other people’s minds with ideas?” Gordo concocted a story that would ruin Simon, and now Simon has to live with the consequences of Gordo’s lies in the same way that Gordon suffered from Simon’s lies. Although it can be argued that Simon can always take a paternity test and resolve his anxieties, that would mean telling Robyn that she may have been assaulted, which could ultimately be a lie. Robyn also has brown eyes, making it more likely that regardless of his father, the boy also has brown eyes, fueling Simon’s doubts. Since Simon doesn’t know if Gordon is telling the truth or not, the only way he can preserve what remains of his relationship with Robyn is to remain trapped in Gordon’s made-up story, never knowing for sure what is true. The final gift that Gordo gives Simon is not the baby, but the lie that seals Gordo’s revenge and forever destroys Simon’s chance for a peaceful and happy life with his family.

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