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Indrasena Telugu Movie Review | Vijay Antony Indrasena Movie Review |

Indrasena telugu movie review

Video Indrasena telugu movie review

vijay antony’s latest outing, indrasena is generating a decent buzz everywhere. After a good round of promotions, the movie has finally hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


indrasena is about two twins, indrasena and rudrasena, played by vijay anthony. When everything seems to be going well in their lives, Indrasena commits murder and is sentenced to seven years in prison. Shortly after this, Rudrasena, who is a nice guy, transforms into a street troublemaker. What really happened in these seven years? why did rudrasena choose a wrong path? How will indrasena solve all her major problems and correct her family? to know this, you have to see the movie in theaters.

positive points:

It is a known fact that Vijay Antony is not a brilliant actor, but he did his best to show decent variations in his two roles. he shows a stable performance in the role of indrasena and opens as an aggressive guy in the character of rudrasena.

The interval block is good and makes you curious about the second half. some familiar emotions shown in the second half add depth to the proceedings to some extent.

negative points:

One of the main drawbacks of the film is its slow-paced narration and boring procedures. the way brotherly emotions are displayed lacks depth and naturalness.

another negative point is that the film deals with too many subplots that lack the proper connectivity. the girl who acted as rudrasena’s love interest has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. the role of her and a song that comes out in the first half are unbearable.

technical aspects:

director g. srinivasan’s idea of ​​making a film about the brotherhood is a good one, but he failed miserably in narrating it in a compelling way. Instead of creating too many subplots, he should have told the story in a direct and interesting way by adding enough commercial elements.

the editing work is fine since the running time of the film is barely two hours. the cinematography is good and suitable for the mood of the film. Vijay Antony’s music is not up to the mark as the film does not have proper songs or a good background score. the production values ​​for this low-budget movie are fine.


Overall, indrasena is a sacrificial story of a nice guy named indrasena. Although the film has a good plot and some strong family thrills, too many subplots and unwanted distractions disturb the flow of the film. All we suggest is that you keep your expectations in check, as the film has no different story than that associated with all Vijay Anthony films and it ends like clockwork this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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