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Indrudu telugu movie review

indrudu Release date : June 20, 2014 Rating : 3/5 Director : Thiru Producer : Vishal Krishna Music Director :GV Prakash Kumar Starring : Vishal Krishna, Lakshmi Menon

​Action hero Vishal’s who turned producer with his last film ‘Dheerudu’ has come back with yet another film in Indrudu. This the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil film ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’. Lakshmi Menon is the female lead in this film which is directed by Thiru. This film has released today. Let us see how it is..


indra (vishal) suffers from a rare sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Due to this disorder, he falls asleep due to any emotional situation such as happiness, anger, shock, etc. He totally depends on his mother (Saranya) and cannot go out alone. no company offers him a job knowing his disorder. One fine day, he accidentally meets a rich girl, Meera (Lakshmi Menon). she helps him fulfill his wishes that he had since childhood. during the course of this time, they both develop love for each other. Meera’s father opposes her marriage. however, they decide to persuade his father to accept their marriage. in this case, she meera is attacked by some people who brutally beat her. who and why has meera been attacked? How does Indra take revenge for her unusual disorder? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

vishal in his usual style performed well. It’s certainly not easy to rehearse the character that he did. the scenes where he suddenly collapses seem very natural. The heroine Lakshmi Menon also performed at her best. in the scenes where the thugs attack her, she gave excellent and natural expressions of pain and agony. Saranya, who played Vishal’s mother, needs a special mention as she did her character justice. the first half is very entertaining. the way vishal takes revenge on her was executed well in the second half. the twist in the second half is good. although there are very few characters, they have all performed quite well.

negative points:

There are not many negative points in this film. the flash back that comes in the second half is a bit boring. breaks the rhythm of the film. although important to the story line, the director could have made it sharper. the song coming in the second half was also not needed as it added extra minutes to the running time. the latter part of the second half feels a bit dull

technical aspects:

the songs composed by gv prakash are good. he elevated some chase scenes with his background score. Richard’s cinematography is impressive. then coming to the title of the ship, director thiru, he used a little story very effectively. It seems that he has done a lot of research on narcolepsy and wrote a good script to keep up with the pace of the movie. he also drew very good performances from the actors from him.


although many movies were made about some or other disorders, this movie is definitely a new experience. the unique story and pace of the film make it even more interesting. Finally, inrudu is definitely worth the money of it and it is surely a one time watch. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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