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Review : James – Puneeth Rajkumar lives on |

James telugu movie review

puneeth raj kumar was one of the main stars of Kannada cinema. sadly, she recently passed away surprising everyone. her latest film, james has hit the screens today. let’s see how she is.


bangalore city is full of underworld mafia and divided into two groups. Vijay Gaekwad (Srikanth) is one of the chiefs and he is scared to death. so, he appoints santosh (puneeth rajkumar) as his security. But in a tragic turn of events, Santosh kidnaps Vijay Gaekwad and his sister (Priya Anand) and reveals himself as James. who is this james what connection does he have with the underworld? Why did he kidnap vijay gaekwad and his sister? What is the backstory of him? to know the answer, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

the late puneeth rajkumar is fit as a fiddle and does his action blocks superbly. the slow-motion shots of him, stunts, and screen presence are the highlights of the film. Puneeth looks great in his army uniform and it’s hard to believe he’s not with us anymore. Srikanth gets a meaty role and is superb in character as him.

priya anand doesn’t have much to do. Sarath Kumar and the supporting cast who play the main villains are very good in their supporting roles. the movie is packed with stylized action and the fights are superbly executed right to the end. the second half is decent and has good emotions. the presence of stars like shivraj kumar in a cameo gives fans a high.

negative points:

The movie starts off on an interesting note and establishes the mob in a very good way. the way the puneet character is introduced also looks good. but from there the movie slows down and picks up only during the interval block.

Story-wise, the film doesn’t have much going for it. the interval explosion is good, but the rest of the script is boring. furthermore, the flashback episode drags on for no reason. the movie is also long and a lot of scenes are added just because.

technical aspects:

charan raj’s music is very good but his bgm was even more effective. the production values ​​are top notch and the rich visuals impress. the action part needs a special mention as all the fights are done superbly. the editing is fine, as is the telugu dubbing.

referring to the director chetan kumar, he has done an acceptable job with the film. Although he chooses a routine story, he packed it with good massive elements and showed puneeth raj kumar in the best possible way. If he had made the film a little sharper, things would have been even better.


Overall, james is a fitting tribute to the late puneeth raj kumar. He’s in top form and giving his fans a thrill ride with his action-packed avatar. Although the story is routine, Puneeth’s solid on-screen presence for the last time makes this film worth seeing this weekend.

note: as this is puneeth rajkumar’s latest film, it is unethical to rate the film. therefore, we are not going to rate it and ask that you view the film with an open mind.

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