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Review : Jathi Ratnalu – Witty Comedy |

Jathi ratnalu movie review

jathi rathnalu is a film that has created great expectation in recent days. the film produced by nag ashwin opens with a solid occupation. let’s see if it lives up to the hype or not.


The film begins in the small town of Jogipet and is about three close friends played by Naveen Pulisetty, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. One fine day, the useless friends decide to make a living in Hyderabad and somehow manage to rent a fancy apartment in Banjara Hills. But the twist in the story comes when they find themselves framed in an attempted murder case set up by the local MLA (murali sharma). the rest of the story is how these three goofy friends get off the case.

bonus points

As shown in the trailer, the film is full of wry humor and lives up to all the hype in the comedy department. the dialogue is the biggest plus, as the funny punchlines and satirical quotes work quite well in the movie.

naveen polishetty, who showed her talents with agent athreya, is on another level here. he is one of the main pillars of the film, as his presence on screen, the pace of the comedy and the delivery of the dialogue will leave you torn. the climax part featuring naveen and brahmanandam is excellent as naveen brings the house down with his crazy delivery of dialogue.

priyadarshi has a subtle character and does quite well in the film. the way he delivers his lines and gives innocent expressions is to die for. he is a versatile actor and a great asset to Telugu cinema. Rahul Ramakrishna also does well in the movie with his unique behavior and his phone conversations. the situational comedy is what the movie is full of and it works great and keeps the audience entertained.

It was so good to see brahmanandam after a long time and the legendary actor is doing well in the second half. all the scenes of him in court with the heroine faria are good. Speaking of Faria Abdullah, he makes an impressive debut and has an addictive smile. she is cute, has a nice body, and gives a good performance in his debut movie.

negative points

The filmmakers have said this before that the film is about silly situations and characters. this is true as some situations in the film seem too exaggerated and a section may find them too silly.

Also, the investigation scenes, the crime angle, and the logic of the movie all fade away. if you get into the storytelling aspect and what’s going on with the procedures, the movie has a lot of problems. but thanks to the continuous comedy, the movie goes on and on.

technical aspects

The film’s production values ​​are very good. the music is a big plus and the songs are very well placed in the narrative. as mentioned above, the dialogues are hilarious. the editing is decent and so was the camera work which shows the film in an easy way.

referring to the director anudeep, he has done a very smart job with the film. he has focused more on the fun part and characterizations of the main cast. For this reason, he has left logic aside and narrates the film with good humor and funny situations. the comedy is slapstick but has a lot of humor and keeps you entertained until the end.


Overall, jathi rathnalu is a fun comedy packed with lots of fun elements. it has slapstick comedy and logic goes for a shot. furthermore, story and narrative take a backseat, but wry humor, skits, and solid punches dominate the show. if you ignore the slightly slow second half, this movie ends up as a fun stage show this weekend. rating: 3/5

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