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Jersey Telugu Movie Review |

Jersey telugu movie review

Nani has felt very confident in the shirt since the day it was released. Directed by Gautam Tinnanuri, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie turns out.


arjun(nani) is a former ranji player leading a depressed life with his wife sara(shraddha srinath) and son nani. This lifestyle of his does not go well with Sara and especially with his son, who at a crucial moment leads Arjun to do something in life and become his real-life hero. The rest of the story is how Arjun changes his lifestyle and embraces cricket and becomes an inspiration to many.

positive points:

jersey is a movie that has some of the best performances of recent times. each character in the film is so well represented that you get carried away by all the emotions throughout the film.

nani is loved by all when she plays identifiable roles and the same goes for jersey. he gives the best performance of his career as arjun and drains you emotionally throughout the movie. the pain he shows is superb. Whether it’s the scenes where he goes to the train station and shows his joy after being selected or the way he handles the scenes involving his son in the t-shirt, Nani was outstanding and gave a performance award winner.

shraddha srinath makes a solid debut and looks like a great actor. the way he shows different variations on his character is amazing. his chemistry with nani was too good. the little boy who played nani’s son was decent. Satya Raj once again plays a critical supporting role and is the best with his emotions.

what makes the t-shirt so special is the realistic emotions. director gautam is to be highly commended for keeping the emotions real that will connect with many. the way the film goes back and forth in time has been shown well. plus the climax is great as the way the twist is revealed is good and leaves you teary eyed.

negative points:

The length of the movie is a bit long and there is a possibility that the movie will be cut off for at least 8-10 minutes.

The second half of the movie is good too, but it gets a bit predictable when the cricket is on display. routine cricket scenes slow the pace down a bit.

technical aspects:

although anirudh and her songs sound normal, they fit perfectly into the narrative. her bgm is on another level as it raises the emotions completely. the production design needs a special mention as the different time frames have been superbly displayed.

the lyrics are meaningful and so was the dialogue, which is realistic and accurate. the production values ​​of the film are really good and the camera work is amazing as the middle class was prepared and the ranji matches were superbly shown. shraddha srinath has been designed quite well.

as for director gautam tinnanuri, he showed glimpses of his brilliance in malli raava, but his game in the jersey is on another level. Without falling prey to the commercial aspects, he tells the story of a loser with such beautiful emotions that all members of the family can relate to. the twist he has chosen and the way he uses it to narrate the hero’s goal is very well thought out. he is an amazing talent and the jersey will put him in the top bracket for sure.


Overall, jersey is a realistic sports drama that moves you emotionally. Nani proves once again what an actor he is and single-handedly takes the film to greater heights. Realistic storytelling, relatable characters, great performances, and most of all, honest emotions will make your heart heavy. If you ignore the slightly slow pacing, this movie will be to everyone’s liking and makes for a great watch as honest movies like Jersey are rarely seen. watch it without fail. rating: 3.5/5

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