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Kabali telugu movie review

kabali, the most anticipated movie sensation that has left millions of rajini fans and movie lovers in a frenzy over the last few months, has finally hit screens around the world today. Let’s see how the movie fares:


kabaleeswaran aka kabali (rajinikanth) is a revolutionary gang leader fighting for the rights of telugu migrant workers in kuala lumpur, malaysia. He takes on a ruthless local mob lord named Tony Lee (Winston Chao) who plans a conspiracy and sends him to prison for 25 years.

Kabali is released from prison only to discover that his empire and family have been decimated and that Tony Lee rules Kuala Lumpur. Kabali embarks on a mission to confront Tony Lee once more with a vengeance, and in the process discovers that the wife of Him Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) is still alive. the rest of the story is about rajini taking revenge on her.

positive points:

Like all of his previous films, even Kabali relies heavily on Rajinikanth’s unrivaled charisma. Rajini’s performance and aura of him as Kabali, the aging mob boss, are top notch. The superstar particularly shines in the flashback episodes in which she plays a passionate young Don.

kabali is a treat for die-hard rajini fans as thalaiva captivates them with her signature style. Radhika Apte steals the show as Rajni’s wife. she had a crucial role that she rehearsed with great ease and dignity. dhansika is quite impressive in character of hers.

director pa ranjith comes up with a decent story and tries to give the movie a head start with some interesting scenes during the opening part of the movie. Certain emotional scenes where Rajini fights over his wife and daughter have been executed quite well.

negative points:

one of kabali’s biggest drawbacks is the lack of rajni fan moments. after the first few moments, rajni’s stardom fades into the background and all those who expected a basha-like setting and powerful drama are nowhere to be seen in the film

Another major hiccup in the cabal is the slow pace at which the story progresses. the second half of the film is too lethargic and bores the audience. the director failed to translate a powerful script to the screen.

The lack of entertainment acts as a major obstacle to the development of the film. there is absolutely no comedy or funny entertainment that could have easily been added to the film. a better villain could have been chosen to match rajni’s aura.

technical aspects:

Director Ranjith manages to showcase the film in a realistic way without giving in to the temptation of showing it in galleries, which might not go over well with regular fans. Certain scenes that exploit Rajini’s emotions and character show Ranjith’s brilliance as a writer and director. however, ranjith fails to tell an intense story for all sections of the audience and makes the movie very slow.

composer santosh narayan’s theme song nippu ra is an instant worm for the ears. his background score stands out from the rest of the technical aspects. Murali’s realistic cinematography, which brings a refreshing perspective to the director’s vision, deserves endless praise. the editing is poor as many scenes during the first half could easily have been cut. We can’t complain too much about producer kalaipuli s thanu’s lavish production values, which are pretty decent.


Being a Rajni movie, everyone walks in with high expectations of wanting to see their superstar in a certain way. but with kabali, things are surprisingly different as the storytelling and seriousness of the film spoils the experience. The movie will only be liked by the hardcore Rajni fans for the outstanding performance of their demi god. but otherwise kabali ends up as a below average outing without much entertainment. all those who are hell-bent on seeing this movie, our suggestion is to keep your expectations in check, otherwise you may be disappointed in a big way. rating: 2.5/5

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