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Khakee review. Khakee Telugu movie review, story, rating –

Kaki telugu movie review

Khakee review. Khakee Telugu movie review, story, rating -

‘khakee’, starring karthi, abhimanyu singh and rakul preet singh in key roles, hits screens this friday. here is our review.


dheeraj (karthi), a resourceful and fearless cop, is known for solving cases sooner rather than later.

but when a particularly complicated and lengthy case challenges him, dheeraj has to get out of his way. By stealing gold from people, a gang of dacoities has been committing brutal murders in Tamil Nadu. their bloody mission began in 1995, but even ten years later, they remain at large.

dheeraj is tasked with unraveling the mystery of the elusive gang, state by state, step by step. methodically.

Most of the movie is about how he organizes an amazing and clever war against the dacoits (led by abhimanyu singh), who come with a shocking story of their own.

all the while, his wife (rakul preet singh) is his only emotional fortress.


Most police dramas turn unreal at the first opportunity. some of them manage to keep the proceedings intact by keeping them as real as possible. this year, we’ve seen ‘d-16’ carve out a niche for himself. ‘khakee’ actually goes a step further by telling his story through amazingly detailed investigative scenes.

but for two action sequences (in the second half) that are cinematic, it’s hard to find a scene that is an exercise in escapism.

whenever dheeraj is seen in the ‘khakee’ dress, rest assured there is no moment of delay. From the way he makes it known that she’s serious to the way she talks to his superiors, everything is told with a sense of urgency.

Proceedings are so reflective of reality that Director H Vinoth doesn’t shy away from showing one arm (read police department) of the state getting knocked on the knuckles or being tested by other arms (read court, human rights commission).

And no matter how much you want to see your hero scream like a sai kumar in frustration, you won’t find such a scene. try to find one with magnifying glasses if you can.

In most crime novels, close battles are not as consistent as in ‘khakee’. dheeraj is always on it. each scene seamlessly merges with the next scene, sometimes enabled by the hero’s narration.

Little by little, they take a look at the practical difficulties cops face. When Dheeraj and his team are camping in Rajasthan, they are broke, they are alone and every day they face the prospect of being exterminated.

The challenges faced by the tn police just to discover what is already on police records in an era where e-government did not touch the police department prominently is enough to raise awareness.

‘khakee’ also scores points regarding the story of its villains. hardened criminals who have been successfully on the run for a decade despite having no ties to politicians, bureaucrats and/or industry. that is the uniqueness of abhimanyu and his gang.

karthi gives one of the best performances of her career as dheeraj. he is presented as a brave and vulnerable policeman at the same time. the last scene where a somewhat elderly dheeraj seems lost but nevertheless determined to do his duty is excellent. abhimanyu is not as scary as his brutalities. Rakul Preet Singh is adorable as a goofball who pretends to be a studious girl, and adorable as a naughty wife who wants to be pampered. Bose Venkat as the actor who plays Karthi’s trusted lieutenant is another bonus.

ghibran’s ‘kallibolli’ number and bgm are interesting. sathyan sooryan’s cinematography and shivanandeeswaran’s editing make the images quite nice.


a believable cop drama that refuses to be escapist fare. the scenes of investigation of fragments of life are moving. all fans of authentic police thrillers will want to see it.

ఖాకీ మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగులో

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