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Care of Kancharapalem Telugu Movie Review |

Kancharapalem movie review

a little movie called care of kancharapalem has caused a lot of buzz since rana daggubatti announced that he will present it through suresh productions. The film will be released on September 7 and we have been in a special screening and we bring you the detailed review well in advance.


The film is set in the native town of Kancharapalem, which is conservative and has its own problems. From the love story of a single man in his 50s to a young man who falls in love with a prostitute, this movie shows many other subplots. Other different stories, such as the love story between castes and the moving story of a sculptor, are shown in an interesting way. what happens to all of them over time is the basic plot of the movie.

positive points:

for starters, kancharapalem care has your heart in the right place. the writing wins you over as no Telugu movie in recent times has had such beautifully shot characters. each role has a meaning and a backstory. the characters are real and one among us that we meet in our daily lives.

What’s more beautiful is that the film has love, comedy and deals with sensitive issues like the caste system and honor killings in a mature way without blaming anyone. some harsh realities of today’s life are shown realistically. Credit must go to director Venkatesh Maha for connecting the dots so well that you laugh, cry and feel disturbed along with the characters on screen.

The way a 50-year-old man’s mature love story is shown through lots of fun is what takes the cake. the performance and emotions of the new actors fill your heart with happiness. Praveena Paruchuri, the producer of the film plays a prostitute named Saleema and her work is quite appreciable. the way the story of her is narrated and the inhuman angle shown in her is quite moving.

Some stories have tragic endings and those twists and turns have been written with a lot of emotion and make the viewer anxiously wait to find out what will happen to these characters when the movie comes to an end. The locations, the shot and the enjoyable nature of the film is what makes Kancharapalem care different from others. above all, the film projects emotions in a splendid way and that is where the film strikes a chord.

negative points:

In movies this moving, it’s hard to find much fault. but since the actors are quite new, it is difficult to adjust to them during the first ten minutes of the film. also, the film lacks all the usual commercial elements and it is possible that a certain section may not like it.

Although the story of a Brahmin girl who falls in love with a Christian boy is well told, there is a factor of predictability in her story. As the characters slowly settle in one after another, the movie gets off to a slow start at first.

technical aspects:

The film is shot with synchronized sound, which gives the procedure an added edge. the music will grow on you and the background score is awesome and lifts the simple mood of the movie well. the editing is crisp as the movie doesn’t change one bit to any unnecessary scenes. many do not know that about 80 people from the town have acted in the film. the creators have done a fabulous job extracting performances from them. the production design, the locations selected and the way the songs fit into the narrative is wonderful.

credit should also go to rana for endorsing a movie like this that has no stars. If experienced people like him can support these kinds of movies, our filmmakers will think big and make movies that will also satisfy international audiences.

Coming from director venkatesh mahaa, he makes a splendid tollywood debut. even though he chooses an unconventional movie, the characters are real and executed in a very watchable way. his writing has a lot of depth, as it is very difficult to balance so many stories in one film and yet make one connect with them. the way he cast the actors from him, drew the performance from him and narrated the film with moving emotions is truly award-winning work from the young filmmaker. Stripped of all the commercial aspects, he has chosen to tell a story that will stay with you even after you leave theaters.


Overall, Caring for Kancharapalem is a realistic movie about life that has its heart in the right place. love, comedy, earthy characters and sacrifice, this movie has it all and touches every emotion perfectly. venkatesh maha makes an excellent debut and is the one to watch out for. Movies like these are the need of the hour and should be supported for Telugu cinema to reach greater heights. the film surely lacks regular commercial elements and is not for those who expect masala entertainment. but that won’t stop you liking it once you start watching the movie as movies like these are rare and made with a lot of passion. must watch. rating: 3.5/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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